10 Perfect Ballet Buns

Ballet buns are classic and timeless. You may be looking for a hairstyle for yourself or for your little girl. It could be for a ballet recital, a formal dance or a quick up-do on a rainy Wednesday. Ballet buns are a style that work with so many outfits.  I love that they can look so different from one another!  There really are so many different ways to spice up a ballet bun and wear them.  I hope you enjoy these ballet bun hairstyles – they are perfect for any day or occasion!

10 Perfect Ballet Buns for a recital, formal event, or an everyday updo.

1. Banded Bun

9 Perfect Ballet Buns

This Banded Bun from Babes In Hairland would be great for anyone who has layered hair, the bands will help keep all pieces in place. Plus, think about the options for colors, you could match anything and everything!

2. Corset Accented Braided Bun

9 Perfect Ballet Buns

This Corset Accented Braid is embellished with a ribbon which I am totally in love with. It requires a little more time than your average ballet bun, but adds so much more dimension and fun!  Plus you can change up the color of the ribbon to match any outfit or occasion.

3. The Perfect Dance Bun


This Perfect Dance Bun from Princess Hairstyles is a classic. Many dance teams require it, but it is beautiful even without a requirement. It is sleek and polished, absolutely beautiful.  This hairstyle works great for all ages!

4. Crown Bun


This simple Crown Bun from Cute Girls Hairstyles is timeless. It looks like a pinwheel and very similar to the common 3D Flower Bun. It only takes a few minutes to do and may stand the test of the day.

5. Braids and Bun Style


This Braids and Bun Style from Girly Do Hairstyles is a whole new look on the classic bun. The braid and bun in combination ensure that your hair will stay out of your face and pretty all day.

6. Ballet Bun – The Easiest Ever


This Ballet Bun tutorial from Southern Flair Crafts has a little unexpected surprise to help keep this ballet bun in it’s place. The polished look isn’t changed, even if the technique has.

7. French Braid High Bun


Much like the classic ballet bun, this French Braid High Bun from Missy Sue is a beautiful twist on the traditional. It would be precious for a ballet recital but perfect for a formal event as well. Missy Sue also has tutorials for Fishtail and Dutch Braid versions as well.

8. Easy Braided Bun Hairstyle Tutorial


This Easy Braided Bun Hairstyle is a quick updo from Hair Romance. She mentions that this braid is perfect for wet hair and will create waves in your hair as it dries. That’s basically two styles in one!  Win-Win!

9. Twisted Flower Bun


This Twisted Flower Bun has been my go to hairstyle since I came up with it when I was 15.  It is quick and easy, will stay in place all day, and a bun maker is not required!

10. 3D Flower Updo


This 3D Flower Updo is perfect for an elegant ballet recital. It is also perfect for a formal event like prom or a wedding. It is fun too for any normal day.

Ballet Recitals, Formal Events like weddings or prom, or as a quick updo to to get you out the door. No matter the reason, ballet buns are a win. They are classic, timeless, versatile, and beautiful. We also have this list for other fantastic bun ideas.  What is your favorite bun hairstyle?  I’d love to hear!  Leave a comment below or connect with me on social media – You can share on my Facebook page, tag me in a tweet on Twitter or find me on Instagram.

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