12 Prom Hairstyles for Shorter Hair

12 Prom Hairstyles for Shorter Hair 

Today I’m sharing beautiful prom hairstyles for shorter hair with links to tutorials for all.  These would be perfect for a wedding or other special occasion – and many of them would even look cute for everyday wear or for work.  If you have short hair, keep reading!

Now, I know that some people have very short hair and might say that these styles aren’t for short hair!  The styles that I have compiled here are going to work best for shoulder length to chin length hair.  If you are looking for super short hairstyle ideas, you can find some here. 

If you have at least chin length hair (or yours is shorter but you want some ideas for when it grows out!), check out these 12 great hairstyles that I found for you.  There are some elegant and polished, some messy and effortless looking.  Whatever your personal style is, you will find something in this round up that will work for you. 

1.  Volumized Ponytail for Short Hair

Volumized Ponytail for Short Hair

This volumized ponytail is beautiful and chic.  It’s not a very formal or done up style – it certainly is something that you could wear day to day.  However it has a certain polished, sophisticated look to it.  It could be dressed up with a pretty headband or hair pins to make it an even more formal style, or wear it as is for a look of effortless beauty.  You can find the tutorial for this style from Keiko Lynn here.

2.  Messy Crown Braid for Shorter Hair

Messy Braided Crown - The Wonder Forest

This is another beautiful look that could be dressed up nicely to be perfect for prom or another formal occasion.  I wouldn’t leave the clear elastic at the back, I would either take some hair and wrap it around the elastic to hide it or I would find a pretty hair accessory to cover it with.  You can find the tutorial for this style from The Wonder Forest here.  A note on her style, so that you can easier duplicate – it is a Dutch lace braid.  If you need a video tutorial, my lace braid tutorial is very similar, you can find it here.

3.  Short Story

Short Story - The Beauty Department 

This look is elegant and chic.   It has some beautiful braided detail at the back that gives it a little something special.  You can find the tutorial for this style from The Beauty Department here.

4.  Half Updo with Fishtail Braid

Half Up Fishtail Updo - The Beauty Department 

This half updo is a gorgeous example of how you can work a fishtail braid into a short hairstyle.  This style will take a bit more time and effort than the other ones that I’ve shared so far, but it’s worth it if you are a fishtail lover like me!  You can find the tutorial for this style from The Beauty Department here.

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