12 Ways to Style a Rope Twist Crown Braid

12 ways to style a Rope Twist Crown Braid

The rope twist crown braid is one of my favorite braids!  It has such a soft, feminine look to it.  I really love it!  And what makes me love it even more is that it’s a great base hairstyle to dress up!  I love to make it into a wreath – for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, or really any special (or every day) occasion.  You could also style this to match wedding colors and it would be the perfect flower girl hairstyle.

It’s truly beautiful.  And – the best added bonus – it’s a fairly easy hairstyle to learn.  And!  It’s quick to do.  Gosh, there really are so many reasons to love this hairstyle!

Base Hairstyle – Rope Twist Crown Braid

 Rope Twist Crown Braid

The rope twist crown braid is very easy to learn and do!  Check out my video on how to do it, then we can get to the fun part – styling!

Supplies you’ll need:  one clear elastic and a few bobby pins.


Christmas or Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Rope Twist Crown Braid - Christmas Wreath

I picked up these red and white ribbon roses from our local craft store.  The bottom wreath we glitzed up a bit by using flowers that had a rhinestone in the center.  If you don’t have a craft store that carries these flowers, you can find them in red here on Amazon, in white here, and you can find the silk leaves here.

Spring or Easter Wreaths

Spring Wreath Hairstyles

These spring colors are perfect for Easter but are pretty enough that you could also wear them anytime. 

Baby roses - wreath hairstyle

The craft store is my favorite place to find hairstyle inspiration.  I picked up these pastel colored roses there.  Pull the roses off the pack, take the long stem and fold it in half, give it a little twist to secure it and you’re good to go!  You want to fold it so that it will be more comfortable to wear and so that you can more easily hide the stem.  Your local store will most likely be the most inexpensive source of these, but you can also find the pink roses here, lavender roses here, blue roses here, and similar yellow roses here. 

Spring Flowers - Wreath hairstyles

For the other spring wreath hairstyles I show you today, I picked up these flowers from my local craft store (yes, I give them lots of business! lol).  Then I just took my scissors and cut the pieces that I wanted off – being mindful to cut them so that I would have enough stem to stick the flowers into the hair and not have them fall out.

First Communion or Baptism Wreath Hairstyle

Rope twist crown braid wreath

I absolutely love the simple elegance of this look here!  I think this would be a lovely hairstyle for a first communion or a baptism – or a wedding or other special occasion! 

Flower piece - Wreath Hairstyles

I picked up this satin flower spray with pearl accents from our local craft store.  I found it in the bridal section.  You can find it here if you are looking for the exact one, or check out your local craft store for ideas!  Again, I took the long stem on this and folded it up and gave it a little twist to secure it in place.  Then I stuck it in her hair.  Because it’s such a heavy piece, I added a bobby pin towards the top of it to help hold it in place.

Have another occasion other than I’ve listed?  Just find some flowers in the right colors and you will have yourself the perfect easy updo!

Want to do this hairstyle on yourself?  Check out this DIY tutorial here.   Doing it on yourself is much harder than doing it on someone else – but with practice and patience it can certainly be done!  And from personal experience I must warn you, don’t do it when you have little kids running around and getting into things 😉

I’d absolutely love to see how you style your rope twist crown braid!  If you want, you can share it on my Facebook page.  Or you can tag me in your photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori or use hashtag #HBLRopeTwistCrownBraid.

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you’ll come back soon!

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