13 Creative & Fun Halloween Hairstyles

13 Creative Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween is such a fun time to get creative with hairstyles!

If you already follow me on Instagram, then you know that my talented braiding friend Jill Ehat @jehat and I are hosting an Instagram Halloween Hair Challenge all of October.  We challenge everyone to post their most creative hairstyles to the hashtag #HalloweenHairChallenge.

Here are 13 of my favorite fun and festive Halloween styles from my talented braiders on Instagram!

1.  Infinity Braided Mummy

Infinity Braid Skeleton by Pretty Little Braids

The above Dutch infinity braid goes perfectly with a mummy hairstyle!  This style was done by my good friend Shelley IG @prettylittlebraids.  I just might have to do a tutorial on this one, I love it so!

2.  Halloween Spider Half Updo

Spider Half Updo

I came across this spider hairstyle while scrolling through the hashtag and I just love it!  This style was done by IG @vegashairgirl.  I love that it’s a subtle and more formal style, but so fun!

3.  Mini Pumpkin Crown

Pumpkin Crown by @lauralaine_hair

This little pumpkin crown hairstyle was done by IG @lauralaine_hair.  It’s so simple and adorable!  Pull the hair up into sections secured with little elastics, then twist the hair with ribbon around in a circle and secure in place.  The green pipe cleaner adds a perfect finishing touch as leaf!  This is a perfect Halloween hairstyle for little girls who don’t have thick or long hair – it would work on wonderfully for toddler age girls on up!

4.  Spider Web Braid

Spider Web Hairstyle by Jenni's Hairdays

This spider web braid was done by Jenni IG @jennishairdays.  It is so creative and fun!  You can find a video tutorial for it done by Jill Ehat here.

5.  Pumpkin Crown Braid

Pumpkin Crown Braid by @mybraidedprincess5

Here is another great pumpkin hairstyle.  This is a rope twist crown braid (I have a tutorial for it without ribbon here), but creative braider Dani IG @mybraidedprincess5 added orange ribbon for the perfect pumpkin ‘do!

6.  Spider Web Bun

Spider Web Bun by @lauralaine_hair

This spider web bun was done by IG @lauralaine_hair.  It’s a simple donut bun, but she cleverly dressed it up with silver pipe cleaner to create a fantastic spider web!

7.  Bobby Pin Spider

Bobby Pin Spider by @all_to_braids

I love complicated braided styles – but sometimes you just can beat simple!  This spider was done by IG @all_to_braids and is simply made by making a bun, sticking in some bobby pins for legs and adding a couple of eyes (use stickers, twist in hair gems, or even earings!)  This is one hairstyle that anyone could do for a great Halloween ‘do.

8.  Elastic Spider Web

Elastic Spider Web by brown haired bliss

Elastic hairstyles are perfect for all ages, but are especially great for little girls who have hair that doesn’t want to stay in a style all day long!  You could do this style and it’s guaranteed to stay in all day long (and maybe a couple days more!).  This style was done by sweet Angie IG @brownhairedbliss.  This is another one that I’ve been dying to do myself!

9.  Spider Accented Bubble Braids

Spider accented bubble braid by

Bubble braid pigtails look perfect with plastic spider rings.  This adorable style was done by IG @lauraelizabethglasgow.

10.  Spooky Cage Braid

spooky cage braid by @miri's things

This cage braid is perfectly accented with skeleton hands!  I love this style done by IG @miris_things.

11.  Big Spider Bun

big spider bun hairstyle by @miris_things

Here is another fantastic Halloween hairstyle done by IG @miris_things.  (Miri has a bunch of amazing Halloween styles on her account, so be sure to check her out!)  It’s a donut bun for the body with perfect ribbon braided legs – but she paid great attention to detail and gave it a little head and even included a little braided bun spiders nest in the back!

12.  Spine Braid Hairstyle

spine braid hairstyle by @hairspirationbykylee

This elastic hairstyle was done by IG @hairspirationbykylee.  It was the perfect hairstyle to go with her daughter’s gorgeous sugar skull make up!  The bones she added make it a really cool spine hairstyle.

13.  Hot Glue Spider Web Bun

spiderweb bun by @kares84

This spider web bun was made by IG @kares84.  She created this look using a silver hot glue gun!  I love how creative she got with this!  I’m not sure how she did this one, but if I were to recreate, I would try making my web design on another surface (maybe wax paper??) and then transferring it onto the hairstyle.

That wraps up the 13 creative & fun Halloween hairstyles that I’m sharing today.  I think that there is some fantastic inspiration here!

Do you have any ideas of your own?!  Or want to try any of these out?  I’d love to see!  Use the hashtag #HalloweenHairChallenge to post your Halloween hair creations on Instagram – spiders, pumpkins, jack-0-lanterns, ghosts, skulls, owls, candy corn, witches, mummies, skeletons, bones, black cats and more are all things that would be perfect to work into Halloween hairstyles.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!  I hope you’ll be back again soon!

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  1. These Halloween themed hairstyles are truly adorable! I love watching all of your videos and “How To’s” on YouTube Lori! You’re so talented and do an incredible job ?

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