15 Awesome Halloween Hairstyles

15 Awesome Halloween Hairstyles - such great, fun hairstyle ideas in this post! I have to try these cute hairstyles on my girls!

The Halloween Hair Challenge is continuing on Instagram (check out #HalloweenHairChallenge) and there are some truly clever and creative hairstyles being posted!  I am always inspired by the work of others, and seeing these Halloween hairstyles definitely has me feeling inspired! 

Being Halloween themed, these styles are all of course perfect for Halloween – but I think that every one of these would also be perfect for crazy hair day at school!  These styles are just so fun, creative and pretty, you can’t go wrong with any of them.  I hope you enjoy these 15 awesome Halloween hairstyles! 

1.  Candy Corn Hairstyle

Adorable candy corn hairstyle! This would be so perfect for my girls, and looks doable!

This candy corn style was done by IG @pr3ttygirl79.  It’s adorable and fun!  You can find a tutorial for a similar candy corn hairstyle from Princess Hairstyles here

2.  Intricate Spider Web Hairstyle


This spider web hairstyle is so intricate and amazing!! What a work of art!

This intricate looking spider web hairstyle was done by IG @brownhairedbliss.  I love styles like this – you don’t even know where to start with recreating it, but you know it would be amazing if you could!  It’s truly a work of art.  The rope braids that she added to the style are just perfect for it!  All I can say is “WOW!!!”

3. Monster Hairstyle

 Monster hairstyle - this is so fun and clever! It would be perfect for Halloween or crazy hair day at school!

This three eyed monster hairstyle was done by IG @miris_things.  It’s simple enough in design that you could recreate it – 3 smaller buns to place the eyeballs in and then a large bun with the plastic teeth.  Her execution is just perfect!  This is a style that would make an incredible hairstyle for crazy hair day at school!

4. Orange Pumpkin Bun

Orange pumpkin bun - this is so pretty and adorable. A totally doable hairstyle for Halloween or crazy hair day

This orange pumpkin bun was done by IG @lauraelizabethglasgow.  This hairstyle is so sweet and would be easy enough for most people to manage – you just need a bun maker, orange hair spray, and green pipe cleaners

5.  Giant Spider Hairstyle

 Giant spider hairstyle - so fun and creative for Halloween or crazy hair day!

This giant spider hairstyle was done by IG @bonitahairdo.  Make a couple of buns high up on the head, add some fun googly eyes, and pipe cleaners and you’re done!  Fun and easy!

6.  Spider Web Crown Braid

Spider web crown braid - such a fun and clever idea! Love this for Halloween!

This spider web crown braid was done by IG @katharina_braids.  I love how she did the crown braid around to frame the spider web.  That was so very clever and works perfectly with this style!

7. Pumpkin Bun

 This pumpkin bun is just so perfect and pretty! I have to try this for Halloween or Thanksgiving! It's a beautiful hairstyle for girls

This pumpkin bun hairstyle was done by IG @jehat.  I love how perfect this bun is – and it’s actually so easy to do!  Jill Ehat @jehat has a great tutorial for this pumpkin bun here

8.  Woven Spider Web

Woven spider web hairstyle, this is so intricate and cool looking! This style would definitely impress your friends for Halloween or crazy hair day!

Woven spider web hairstyle done by IG @ice_braids.  I love how intricate looking this one is while really being fairly simple to replicate.  Gather hair into the center of the spider web and secure with an elastic.  From that ponytail, you would create 6 braids, then secure them along the outside of the web starting up by the face and working your way back.  Once you have that done, take a craft needle and some white string or yarn.  Begin at the center and weave the yarn around through the braids to finish the spider web. 

9.  Orange Pumpkin Half Up

 Orange pumpkin half up hairstyle - love how this looks with the colored hair! This is so fun and perfect for Halloween!

This orange pumpkin half up hairstyle was done by IG @_braids_by_annadella _.  I know that I already shared a pumpkin bun like this in this round up, but I think that the half up look gives you a different look… plus, I LOVE how it looks with the colored hair!  This is just so fun.  You can find orange hair spray and blue hair spray on Amazon, local craft stores and even some drugstores carry them around Halloween.  They color the hair and wash out nicely with shampoo. 

10.  Elastic Spider Web Style & Side Messy Bun

Elastic spider web hairstyle to a messy bun - how darling is this style for little girls this Halloween! So fun and pretty, I love it!

This elastic spider web hairstyle to messy bun was done by IG @tinkerbeannpoplettes.  It is simple, doable, and just so darling!  It’s so fun and one that you should definitely give a try!

11.  Intricate Spider Hairstyle

Intricate spider hairstyle - this is so amazing for Halloween! And it would be great for crazy hair day too. My little girls would love this hairstyle!

This intricate spider hairstyle was done by IG @pr3ttygirl79.  She actually did this hairstyle for crazy hair day, so it’s another one that doubles perfectly as a Halloween hairstyle and crazy hair day hairstyle!  I think that the zebra striped pipe cleaners make it really “pop” and I love the multiple eyes and the spider web on the back. 

12.  Intricate Spider Hairstyle #2

intricate spider hairstyle - I love all the details in this clever hairstyle! Your girls would get so many compliments wearing this fun and pretty hairstyle for Halloween or crazy hair day!  

This intricate hairstyle was done by IG @ashton_hairstyles.  It is very similar to the style above, but I since I couldn’t choose between the two, I had to share them both with you!  This really is a work of art!  If your girls wore this hairstyle, I’m sure that people would be stopping you so that they could get it closer look.  It’s so fun and just fantastic! 

13.  Cat Ears Hairstyle

 cat ears hairstyle - this is simple but yet so clever and fun for Halloween or even crazy hair day! I love this cute hairstyle for my girls!

This adorable cat ears hairstyle was done by IG @ashton_hairstyles.  It’s so sweet and would be great on girls of all ages!  You can find a tutorial for this style by Cute Girls Hairstyles here. 

14.  Medusa Hairstyle

Medusa hairstyle - this is so fun for Halloween or crazy hair day! I love this hairstyle, so clever!

I have yet another hairstyle that I’m featuring done by IG @ashton_hairstyles – she is really doing a fantastic job with the Halloween themed challenge!  I tried to pick just one and I couldn’t!  Here is a Medusa themed style.  She used the Cute Girls Hairstyles straw curls tutorial (find it here) to create the perfect curls for this style, then added some snakes.  It’s simple yet so effective and fun!

15.  Bat Hairstyle

 bat hairstyle - this is so clever for Halloween! What a fun and pretty hairstyle idea, have to try this on my girls sometime!

Here is the last hairstyle I’m sharing from IG @ashton_hairstyles.  Look closely – can you see the bat?!  I think it’s subtle and just so fun.  She created this look by pulling the very top back, and using that hair for the face, then did waterfall twists on either side into a mermaid braid to create the wings.  It’s so very clever!

That wraps up the 15 creative and fun Halloween hairstyles that I’m sharing today.  There are so many fun ideas here, I hope that you are inspired by this post!

Do you have any ideas of your own?!  Or want to try any of these out?  I’d love to see!  Use the hashtag #HalloweenHairChallenge to post your Halloween hair creations on Instagram – spiders, pumpkins, jack-0-lanterns, ghosts, skulls, owls, candy corn, witches, mummies, skeletons, bones, black cats and more are all things that would be perfect to work into Halloween hairstyles.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!  I hope you’ll be back again soon!

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