20 Easter Hairstyles – From Fun to Elegant

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20 Easter Hairstyles - From Fun to Elegant

I love holiday hairstyles! Holidays give you such a great opportunity to let your creativity shine!  And really, it’s the only time when certain hairstyles could possibly be considered cool and socially acceptable.  I mean, if you go walking around with a Christmas tree braided in your hair in April or some plastic eggs in your hair in October, you’re going to get some looks!  And probably not the kind of looks that you want to get! Thank goodness for holidays though – because tacky magically becomes awesome.

Easter is a little different though.  It’s a time when you have situations where you can wear a wacky and creative style – Easter egg hunts, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, etc – but you may also have occasions that call for something dressy and formal (and really, occasions where a hairstyle with plastic eggs would be frowned upon!)

Keeping in mind the different kind of events surrounding Easter, I have put together 20 GREAT Easter hairstyles for you!  There are some fun, wacky hairstyle ideas for you as well as some pretty, more church-and-dinner-with-grandparents kind of styles.  Some of these are certainly more cute hairstyles for little girls – but I think that older girls, teens and even adults could wear some of these beautiful hairstyles. 

I have linked to tutorials for all of the hairstyles that I have featured here.  I hope that you find something here to fit all that you have going on! 

1. A little something EGGstra!

A little something EGGstra - Princess Piggies

Tutorial for above style from Princess Piggies here.

2.  Easter Basket of Eggs

Easter Basket of Eggs - Locks and Locks of Hairstyles

Tutorial for above style from Locks and Locks of Hairstyles here.

3.  Funny Bunny Easter Hairdo

Funny Bunny - Simple as That Blog

Tutorial for above style from Simple As That Blog here.

4.  Rainbow Hairstyle

Rainbow Hairstyle 

Tutorial for above style from Hair By Lori here.

5.  Easter Basket Bun

Easter Basket Bun - Princess Piggies 

Tutorial for above style from Princess Piggies here.

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