3 Hairstyles for Back to School

3 Hairstyles for Back to School

I can feel and smell fall in the air (such a fantastic feeling for me).  We enjoyed our summer, but are happy to get back into the routine that the school year always brings.  I homeschool my children (ages 8, 7, 3 and 2) and just started them back to school on Monday this week.  I know lots of other schools are starting back now or will soon too.  I thought now would be the perfect time to do 3 hairstyles for back to school! 

These styles are buildable – the second look builds off the first look and the third style builds off of that.  I think it’s nice because you can pick and chose what look you want based on how much time you have.  I know that some mornings are just crazy, so the first half up hairstyle will be perfect for that.  The first look is a Dutch braid straight back on top of the head with the sides pulled up to create a cool and different looking half up hairstyle.  And it only takes a couple of minutes to do!

Dutch braid half up style - 3 back to school hairstyles, look 1 Dutch Braid Half Up - 3 back to school styles  

To create the second hairstyle for today’s tutorial, we are taking the Dutch braided half up style from our first back to school look and we are adding a fishtail braid.  Fishtail braids can take awhile if you aren’t used to them, so feel free to switch it up and add another style braid here if you are crunched for time!  I just think it looks really cool with the fishtail braid!

Dutch braid to fishtail braid - half up look     Dutch braid to fishtail braid half up hairstyle

To create our third hairstyle for today’s tutorial, we are adding in two Dutch braids down the back.  This type of look with the 3 braids next to each other down the back is so in right now!  If you opted for a different braid than a fishtail braid when creating the second look, it will still look amazing if you proceed to this hairstyle.  I’ve seen so many variations of this look on Instagram and I just love them all!

  Fishtail and Dutch braids combo - 3 back to school looks Fishtail and Dutch braids combo - 3 back to school styles Fishtail and Dutch braids combo hairstyle - 3 looks for back to school Front view - Fishtail and Dutch braids combo hairstyle

Let’s get started on how to do these 3 hairstyles for back to school!

Supplies you’ll need: hairbrush, comb, a couple of small elastics, topsy tail, a few bobby pins

Time Needed:  Look 1 – 3 minutes, Look 2 – 4 more minutes (about 7 minutes start to finish), Look 3 – 6 more minutes (about 13-15 minutes from start to finish)

Skill Level:  Easy


Hairstyle 1

Step 1.  Take and part the hair on top of the head from the outside edge of each eyebrow back to the crown of the head.  Secure the rest of the hair that is hanging down out of your way.

Step 2.  Dutch braid this section (Full Dutch braid tutorial here) and secure with an elastic. 

Step 3.  Take and pull a section hair up on each side, from the back of the ear up to the crown of the head, and secure them together with another elastic where your top braid is secured.

Step 4.  Smooth the sides with a comb if you need to.

Step 5.  Take a small section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail you’ve created and wrap it around to hide the elastics, using a topsy tail to pull it through to make it easier – though you can just use your fingers or bobby pins at this point to tuck it into the bottom of the elastic to secure that hair in place.

You’re done with the first look!

Hairstyle 2

Step 1.  Take the hair from the ponytail you’ve just created on top and split it into two equal sections.

Step 2.  Fishtail braid this section (full Fishtail braid tutorial with lots of tips if you struggle with them here) and secure it with an elastic.

Step 3.  Go back and pull the edges of your braid gently to pancake it and make it look more full.

You’re done with the second look!

Hairstyle 3

Step 1.  Secure the fishtail braid out of your way. 

Step 2.  Divide the hair that is left hanging down into two parts down the center of the head.  You don’t need a perfect part line as it will end up covered, just do your best to evenly split it.

Step 3.  Dutch braid each side all the way down (Full Dutch braid tutorial here), secure them with an elastic.

Step 4.  Go back up each braid and gently pull the edges to pancake it and make it look more full and voluminous.

Step 5.  Let your fishtail braid down and lay it between the two Dutch braids, then secure the three braids together at the bottom with one elastic.  You may want to remove the other elastics that the individual braids had been secured with depending on how they are sitting and if they stand out or are hidden. 

Step 6.  Go underneath the braids and secure the edge of your fishtail braid to the edge of the Dutch braids with bobby pins and secure the fishtail braid against the head by the nape of the neck with a couple of bobby pins as well.  You may want to finish with hairspray for extra durability. 

You’re done with the final back to school look! 

3 back to school looks

I hope that you enjoy these 3 looks for back to school!  I’d love to hear which is your favorite, so leave me a comment in the box below or be sure to comment on my Facebook page, send me a tweet, or find me on Instagram @hair_by_lori.  And if you recreate one of these looks on Instagram, use hashtag #HBL3schoolstyles and it might end up displayed on my page here below! 

Thanks for reading!  I hope you’ll come back to my blog soon!

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