3 Hanukkah Hairstyles

I absolutely love creative hairstyles!  Holidays especially give us a time when we can get extra creative with themed hairstyles and it’s just so fun.  I’ve been busy doing my 12 Braids of Christmas series this year, but I haven’t forgotten that not everyone celebrates Christmas.  That’s why I am excited to bring my Jewish readers and followers a great guest post by Maya Sinay (IG @maya_heart_hairstyles) featuring 3 Hanukkah hairstyles.  These are all very creative, I think you’ll love them! 

Hi everyone! December is a month full of wonderful holidays! Everyone is so excited, and of course we can see that in the Instagram braiding community. As I see everyone getting into the Christmas spirit with beautiful hairstyles such as Christmas trees, Santa hats, holiday presents, etc… I wanted to share the spirit of the holiday I celebrate- Hanukkah!

One of the greatest things about the braiding community is that though we each live in opposite sides of the world, this is our way to connect and to get to know each other. We are all different in our languages, religions and the ways we live our life, and this gets us even closer together as we learn about new things! So here are a few sentences about Hanukkah.

Hanukkah celebrates the victory of the war against the Greeks and the miracle of the small light at the Jerusalem Temple that lasted 8 whole days! The tradition is to light 8 candles on the Hanukiah in honor of each day of the miracle. Eating donuts and playing with dreidels also come with the holiday!

I personally love Hanukkah and that is why I am sharing with you today an idea that’s inspired by Lori- my own holiday series! I recruited my sister Lilach (Lilu) to the project, and this is how the Hanukkah Trilogy below was created.

Hanukiah Hairstyle

Hanukiah Hairstyle Hanukiah Hairstyle Hanukiah Hairstyle Hanukiah Hairstyle

The first hairstyle in the Hanukkah Trilogy is the Hanukiah (Candelabrum) Hairstyle. The hairstyle itself is quite simple- a Waterfall Twist Tieback into a Dutch Mermaid Braid (with 4 pieces in each side). Cute Girls Hairstyles has a great tutorial on the base hairstyle – Waterfall Twists into a Mermaid Braid.

To make it holiday appropriate I crafted some flames, used a few glittery clips and added a ribbon as in the picture below:

Hanukiah Hairstyle supplies

Dreidel Spiral Hairstyle

Dreidel Spiral Hairstyle

Dreidel Spiral Hairstyle Dreidel Spiral Hairstyle Dreidel Spiral Hairstyle

The second hairstyle is the Dreidel Spiral. The idea behind the braid is that the braid is the dreidel’s turning spiral! This one is the hardest of the three but is very satisfying once it’s done! It is made of a Spiral Braid, with a tutorial from Jenni’s HairDays which teaches it with a 3 strand braid.

The only difference in mine is I used a 5 Strand Dutch Ribbon Braid.

Here are the supplies I used in the hairstyle:

Dreidel Spiral Hairstyle supplies

 This one is also my favorite out of the three because it involved all my family members! My mom came up with the idea, Lilu and our cat (Milky) were my models, and my dad & I did the actual braid- I braided and my dad used magnets he put in Lilu’s hair to attach the dreidel!

Donuts Buns

Donuts Buns Hanukah hairstyle

Donuts Buns Hanukah hairstyle Donuts Buns Hanukah hairstyle

The third and last hairstyle is the Donuts Buns! This hairstyle is the simplest as long as you can manage making simple buns using a simple donut bun maker. I used three bun makers in different sizes to make the 3 buns, and then I sprinkled white glitter on top of them as the sugar powder. To finish it all, I put red glitter and glitter clips as in the picture below:

Donuts Buns Hanukah hairstyle supplies


Braided Hanukiah

Braided Hanukiah


Last year I made this Hanukiah out of many braids, which some of them are accented with ribbons. The flames are actually from the first hairstyle! I created this one myself, but I don’t have a tutorial on it. This hairstyle gave me the idea to try more Hanukkah styles this year!!!

Thank you guys so much for reading my post. It was so much fun being a guest here at Lori’s blog! Whether you decide to recreate or merely just read- I hope you enjoyed the photos and got a little more educated about Hanukah!

Maya Heart Hairstyles

My name is Maya, I am 18 years old and I live in south Israel. I graduated high school 6 months ago and now I spend my time off school by enjoying my hobbies- Photographing, playing the piano, drawing, reading books and obviously braiding!

I post daily on my Instagram @Maya_Heart_Hairstyles different hairstyles and occasionally post YouTube tutorials on my YouTube channel- Maya Heart Hairstyles!

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