30 Days of New Braids

30 Days of New Braids - a 30 Day Braiding Challenge with tutorials from HairByLori.com

The 30 day braiding challenge – 30 Days of New Braids – was incredible.

If you are new to my site and are looking for a challenge, I hope you will check the challenge out and consider doing it yourself!  Just because most people did it in June doesn’t mean it’s too late to do the challenge!  You can still do it yourself and I would love to see if you share them on my FB page or if you post them on Instagram.  Do it with a friend or do it by yourself – you won’t regret it!

I loved seeing so many people participating and trying out new braids.  I loved not only seeing all the different styles that people were doing, but I loved watching how everyone participating in the challenge were supporting other people doing the challenge.  There were so many kind, encouraging words being shared on both Instagram and on Facebook and it made me smile every day!  

Many people tried braids that they had never done before, which was so fun to see!  It was great to hear people say “Yay, I have a new favorite braid!” and I think it was almost as great to hear “I tried it for the first time, I struggled through it, but I did it” – because this challenge wasn’t about doing every style perfectly.  It is about challenging ourselves to step outside our comfort zones and to try new things.  It’s about practicing different braids and watching our overall braiding skills improve.  That was the goal of the challenge when I set out to blog it – and based on on the wonderful feedback that everyone gave, that’s exactly what this challenge achieved.  AND!  I can’t forget – it was just a whole lot of fun!  That was the other goal of the braiding challenge and it was so great to hear how much people had fun with it!

People put a lot of time and effort into participating in the challenge. I want to thank everyone that participated as well as future braiders who find this page and decide to take the challenge on!

I sorted through hundreds of comments on FB and thousands of posts tagged to the challenge on Instagram.  There were so many amazing styles done!  I have so many ideas for myself and am just so inspired by all of you braiders out there!  I went back through all 30 of the challenge blog posts and I am featuring 9 to 12 of my favorite styles from every single day of the challenge.  You can go to this page here to see all the posts or you can click here to start at day 1 and then work your way through.  Scroll down, you will find my favorites towards the end of every post.  Before you go check those out for even more braid inspiration, I want to share with you some collages and thoughts from braiders who did the challenge. 

30 Days New Braids – Thoughts From Braiders

30 Days of New Braids

The beautiful collage above showcases the work of Kisha, on IG @swamptrapp1975.  Here are her thoughts on the challenge:

My favorite styles were the larger ones.   It was my first time doing the zipper and suspended infinity braid – it took me 3 to 4 tries on each of those to get them down.  I had so much fun doing the challenge.  I think my favorites are the suspended infinity and zipper braid now which are more difficult since my daughter won’t help hold the strands.  When I am able to take my time with the braids then they do turn out so much more pretty.  I love that my nieces also jump in and let me do their hair when Meisha (my daughter) won’t.              –Kisha

30 Days of New Braids

The beautiful collage above was made by Maya from IG @maya_heart_hairstylesHere are her thoughts on the challenge:

I really enjoyed the challenged and I planned most of the days ahead of time so that I could join in all the days.  My new favorite style is the 3 strand pull through braid for sure!  I don’t know if my skills grew, but I’m more passionate to braid on myself now and try new kinds of braids.  That’s my favorite part of the challenge.  Another fun part of it was to think of creative ways to do simple braids or to incorporate them in a complex hairstyle!                  –Maya


The pretty collage above was made by Trudie, on Facebook as Vlechthobby

 30 Days of New Braids - Viv Wykes

The beautiful collage above showcases the work of Vivienne Wykes who shared her beautiful styles on my Facebook page

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I had so many compliments about the hairstyles, it was great taking part.       — Vivienne

30 Day Braiding Challenge

The fabulous collage above was made by Aimee, on IG @braids.by.miss.wallflower.

This challenge really pushed me to expand on my abilities and to learn new braids as well.  It was a chance to be creative and to create many fun hairstyles along the way.  I cannot say how much I enjoyed doing this challenge!                      –Aimee

30 Days New Braids

The gorgeous collage above was made by Cynthia, on IG @ashton_hairstyles

I really committed to this 30 day challenge. If it was a braid I had never done or found very difficult (like the zipper braid or 5 strand ribbon braid) then I did the braid in a basic style tying to focus on mastering it. If the braid was one I had done before then I tried to do it in a new way. The 4 strand ribbon braid was one I had done multiple times in the past. This time I wanted to do it in a spiral like a beehive. I struggled the first day and failed. My daughter, Ashton, went to school with a basic headband in her hair. Later in the challenge I wanted to go back and try again. This time we were successful and it is one of my favorite looks this month. I also stretched tried myself by creating a full head flower. It is very different and unique which I love. My daughter, Ashton, and I are always a team. On the day we were suppose to do a corset braid she told me she wanted to wear pigtails. ummmm…ok I decided to change what I had in mind and made a corset braid in her pigtails. This turned out to be my favorite braid that we did all month. Way to go Ashton! Thank you Lori for helping us step out of our comfort zones and try new things. I really enjoyed the challenge!!!            — Cynthia

30 Days of New Braids

The wonderful collage above was made by Elisabet on IG @elisabetsisters

The challenge definitely made me a better braider.  First of all, I learned some new techniques like suspended infinity braid and a Celtic knot.  Both of those I had seen around but never ended up doing before.  I also tried to do something new with familiar braids, for example I added beads into a corset braided headband which I think is very cute on little girls.  I also combined French braid and braided flowers for the first time and was very happy with the soft and pretty result.

This kind of challenge would of course not be possible without the co-operation of my two daughters!  My older one, now 10, was very interested in the challenge and we enjoyed together following what others came up with each day.  One of the best parts of the challenge was to use her own ideas when we did braids on her.  The ideas may not have been very unique but I loved to play the styles together with her.  After all, she is the one wearing the style the whole day!  I also loved how systematic it was with a daily challenge – it felt like I was on a braiding course.  I wish there was another one coming up later!                 –Elisabet

30 Days of New Braids

The pretty collage above was made by Kattbie, on IG @kattbie.

I loved the challenge – it was so inspiring to see how everyone used the braids in different ways!

30 Days of New Braids

The fantastic collage above was made by Jenni, on IG @jennishairdays 

30 Days of New Braids

The beautiful collage above was made by Annemijn, on IG @kreamijn

30 Days of New Braids

The collage of adorable styles above was made by Ashley, on IG @ashley_cardon

30 Days of New Braids

The beautiful collage above was made by Iida, on IG @braidedpoet

30 Days of New Braids

The gorgeous collage above was made by Brandee, on IG @foxsparrow41

Kallie (my daughter) and I really enjoyed your challenge. It gave us several new styles some of which we never got around to trying and some we hadn’t even heard of with the bonus of not having to come up with the answer to “what are we going to do with hair today?”. Kallie wanted to make sure that she did all the days that she let me do styles that usually she would not let me do (she hates having bobby pins in her hair so usually any that require them are off limits). Because I was out of town a few of the days, she even had me do two styles some days so I could upload pictures even on thosee days I was gone. My favorite was the suspended infinity because it was quick while looking very neat and intricate. Kallie’s was the infinity braid. Both of these were brand new braids for us that we may never have tried without the challenge. Most difficult day was probably the zipper braid as she had to hold a lot followed closely by the box fishtail not because the stitching was difficult but because it took over 30 minutes to do and getting her to stay still that long is a challenge in itself. This challenge definitely strengthened my skills. I have been braiding on myself and others since high school (late 80s) but only 3-strand styles until recently. Still need to practice on the 4+ strands but feel more confident on the 4 and 5-strand that we can add those to school days. Kallie also watched several of the videos with me and then would practice on my hair. She hasn’t mastered french styles but does a pretty good 4 & 5-strand (and infinity).            — Brandee

30 Days of New Braids

This fun collage showcases the style done by Michelle, on IG @braidsbyredvzla

I hope that you will go through the challenge post to see some of the amazing styles that were done!  I think you’ll find lots of great hairstyle inspiration there.  You can go to this page here to see all the posts or you can click here to start at day 1 and then work your way through. 

Thanks so much for reading!  I’m so happy you stopped by my blog today.  I hope you will be back soon!

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5 thoughts on “30 Days of New Braids

  1. OMG Lori, you did a fabolous job!!! Your blog is fantastic! Also the challenge.., unfortunately I had no time and sometimes other braidingprojects, to do them all, but i really loved seeing yours and from all other braiders who participated.

  2. I really enjoyed the challenge, nd seeing my daughter honey look pretty has inspired people to look. And try the challenge.

    1. Hi Donna! I’m excited you want to take the challenge, I think you’ll have a lot of fun with it! I have already written all the posts for the 30 day challenge, so all you need to do is check out the post for each day to find different tutorials for that day’s braid. You can find each day under the “30 Day Challenge” tab on my menu bar. I hope that makes sense – if not, let me know!

      If you want to share a photo each day as you go along, I’d love to see! You can post it on my FB wall or use the hashtags and/or tag me in a photo on Instagram.

      If you have any other questions, please let me know! And have fun braiding!


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