3D Flower Braid

3D Flower Braid tutorial by HairByLori.com - Homecoming and prom hairstyle

My girls are a far way off from heading to a formal dance like homecoming or prom – they are (almost) 9 and 3.  I don’t often get a chance to do formal styles – but they are my favorite!  Thankfully, my neighbor is in high school and she asks me to do her hair for homecoming, all her other school dances, and every wedding she goes to!  I love it.  Everyday braids are great – but it’s so fun to help someone get all done up for something special!

I thought I would share this beautiful updo with you today in honor of homecoming season.  It’s a great one that you can do on yourself, your daughter or a friend!  I have been doing flower braids for awhile now – ever since I saw Cute Girls Hairstyles Dutch Flower Braid tutorial (here).  I’ve tried the style with 4 strands, 5 strands and most recently, I tried it with a 3D Dutch braid.  That’s the way that I’m teaching it to you today, and I have to say, it’s my favorite way that I’ve ever done this style!  I just love the way that the 3D braid makes it “POP”!  I think it would make a perfect homecoming hairstyle.  

Let’s get started on how to do the 3D Flower Braid!

Supplies you’ll need: hairbrush, a small elastic, elastic or clip to temporarily hold some hair out of the way, bobby pins, hairspray

Time Needed:  10 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy – Medium

Step 1.  Begin by brushing hair out and parting off center to the left.

Step 2.  Take and divide off a section of hair from her right ear back to the center of her head and down, secure that out of the way to be used later.

Step 3.  Take a small section of hair from right by the part line and the face and divide it into 4 equal sections.

Step 4.  Take the outermost strand and go under the two pieces of hair next to it then back up and over the last one it went under.

Step 5.  Take the outermost strand from the opposite side as you just braided and go under the two strands next to it and then back up and over the last one it went under.

Step 6.  Repeat steps 4 & 5 – adding hair in as you go.  You are going to braid like this out at an angle to the right of her head and then when you get back close to her hear, you are going to curve the braid around back towards the center of the braid.  Then you will add hair in and braid it going straight down for a couple of stitches until you run out of hair to braid in. 

Step 7.  Undo the hair that you secured out of the way in step 2.  Continue braiding, but how you are angling your braid so that it goes over the right side of her head and then finally end by curving it up.

It is hard to type out exactly how to angle the braid – but I show you in the video how to add in sections of hair to make it happen. 

Step 8.  Secure your braid with an elastic, then go along and gently pull the outer edge of your braid and the top most stitch of your braid.

Step 9.  Take the end of your braid and coil it in until all of the hair has been wrapped tight and it sits against that bottom curve you braided.  It should now look like a flower.  Pin in place with bobby pins.

Step 10.  Gently pull the edges of your braid as needed to exaggerate the flower look, add pins if needed and finish with hairspray.

You’re done!

3D Flower Braid updo tutorial for homecoming and other formal occasions


I hope that you’ll give this 3D Flower Braid a try!  If you do, I would love to see how it turns out for you!   You can share it on my Facebook page, send me a tweet, or tag me in your photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori.   And if you recreate this style on Instagram, use hashtag #HBL3DFlowerBraid and it might end up displayed on my page here below!

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope that you’ll come back to my site again soon.

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