4 Strand Split Braid

4 Strand Split Braid

I’m very excited to welcome Iida from @braidedpoet to the blog today!  She is teaching us how to do her beautiful 4 strand split braid.  I saw this style posted on her Instagram account and I loved it!  I’m so glad that she is sharing it with us here today.  

Braided ponytails are so nice to do!  They are great for all ages and easy to do on yourself.  They are my go to compromise with my girls when they don’t want to have their hair done –  we always can agree to just do a braided ponytail.  I’m glad to have a new braid to add to my braided ponytail idea box!  You could certainly do the 4 strand split braid in other ways besides a ponytail though, it’s a great technique.  

The sequence in this 4 strand split braid is fairly easy, especially to a braider already familiar with a split braid technique, such as the 3D split braid or a split (box) fishtail braid.

4 Strand Split Braid Steps 1 - 3

Supplies you’ll need:  hairbrush, ponytail holder, small elastic

Step 1.  Start by dividing the hair into four equal sections.

Step 2.  Cross strand 2 over strand 3.

Step 3.  Split strand four into two.

4 Strand Split Braid Steps 4-6

Step 4.  Bring strand 2 through the two pieces.

Step 5.  Repeat on the other side: split strand 1 into two.

Step 6.  Then bring strand 3 through the pieces. That completes the first stitch.

4 Strand Split Braid Steps 7-9

Step 7.  Continue with the same sequence: cross the middle strands, split the outer strands and bring the middle strands through them to the edges.

Step 8.  When you’re done, secure the braid with an elastic. If you want, you can pull at the edges to make them more visible.

Step 9.  Your 4-strand split braid is now done!

4 Strand Split Braid

Iida @braidedpoet Iida is a 22 year old self-taught braid enthusiast from Finland.  She enjoys acting, theater, poetry and is a writer.  She shares beautiful hairstyles that she does on herself daily on Instagram @braidedpoet.  Check out her page and see all of her beautiful work!


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