5 Strand Braid with Microbraids

 5 Strand Braid with Microbraids Hairstyle Tutorial from HairByLori.com

I saw this style going around on Pinterest recently and I loved it!  It looks so intricate and cool.  I just love the braid in a braid look!  This style is a bit edgy and would be perfect for older girls and women, but I think it looks great on my little one here too.  And it holds up nicely for sports and other activities. 

This style is a Dutch braid (refers to the hair being braided in UNDER versus OVER in a French) and it uses the 5 strand ribbon braid technique (which I have a tutorial for here) but instead of ribbon, you use microbraids.  It may seem complicated, but it’s not!  I think that with a little time and practice, anyone can get this awesome style down!

Let’s get started on learning this 5 strand braid with microbraids!

Supplies you’ll need: hairbrush,  3 small elastics, and optional – some hairspray

Time Needed:  10 minutes

Skill Level:  Medium

Step 1.  Take a section of hair at the top center of the head and braid it into a regular 3 strand braid.
Step 2.  Take a section of hair to the right of that, equal in size to the first, and braid it into another 3 strand braid. 
Step 3.  Pick up 2 equal sized sections of hair to the left of those microbraids and 1 section to the right of it.
Step 4.  Starting on the left – take the outermost strand and go UNDER the strand next to it, OVER the first microbraid, UNDER the second microbraid, and OVER the last strand of hair.   Then take the strand that you just went over and bring that strand OVER the first microbraid and UNDER the second microbraid.  That is one completed stitch.
Step 5.  Add hair into your left most strand and your right most strand and repeat step 4.  Repeat this until you have braided all the way down.
Step 6.  When you run out of microbraids to braid with (they will wind up shorter than your other strands) just continue a 3 strand braid with the remaining strands and braid until you can’t braid any more, then secure with an elastic. 
Step 7.  Go back and pull the edges of your braids if you’d like (pancaking it) to make the braid look more full and dramatic. Tuck any ends that are popping out of your braid back in.  Finish with hairspray if you’d like. 
You’re done!
5 Strand Braid with Microbraids  Close up of 5 strand braid with microbraids
5 Strand Braid with Mircorbraids (2)

I hope that you enjoy this 5 strand braid with microbraids hairstyle as much as I do!  I would love to hear where you would where this braid, so leave me a comment in the box below or be sure to comment on my Facebook page, send me a tweet, or find me on Instagram @hair_by_lori.  And if you recreate one of these looks on Instagram, use hashtag #HBL5StrandwithMicrobraids and it might end up displayed on my page here below!

Thanks for reading!  I hope you’ll come back to my blog soon!

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