5 Strand Dutch Ribbon Braid

Video Tutorial: Fun Hairstyle for sports, school, holidays and more. Switch the colors of the ribbon to match!

I absolutely love braiding with ribbon!  I’ve done other hairstyle tutorials with ribbon, like this one here, here, and here.  Oh and this one here. 

I love braiding with ribbon because it looks so different.  It gives you such a unique look and it really isn’t that hard to do.  I also love that you can pick out different colored ribbon to match any outfit or occasion.  In this one today, we picked blue and white to make it a Frozen themed braid (anyone else still have Frozen fever? My girls still do!).  You could pick red and white, or red and green at Christmas.  You could match colors to your favorite sports team, or how about doing your country’s colors to celebrate national holidays?  There are so many ways you could make this 5 strand Dutch ribbon braid work for any occasion!  So fun!

Let’s get started on learning the 5 Strand Dutch Ribbon Braid!


Supplies you’ll need: hairbrush, small elastic and ribbon.  If you are choosing 2 different colors – you want each piece to be a couple of inches longer than her hair.  If you are doing one piece of ribbon, you want it a few inches more than double her hair length.  i.e. Hope’s hair is 25 inches from the by the front of her face down the back to the bottom of her hair – so I would want about 52-53 inches total of ribbon (whether one long piece if I’m doing one color, or that’s the total length adding two different pieces together for different colored ribbons)

Step 1.  Brush out her hair.  This can be done on dry or wet hair.  Pick up a small section of hair at the front, center of her head and tie your ribbon around it.  (If you are doing two colors – tie the ends of the ribbons together, then tie that there.  If you are doing one long length of ribbon for one color, then tie the very middle of it at this point).

Step 2.  Pick up an equal sized section of hair to the left of that first piece and pick up another to the right of the first piece.  Left to right, you are going to have 5 strands:  hair, hair (with ribbon tied around), ribbon, ribbon, hair.

Step 3.  Starting on the left, take that first strand and go under the strand of hair next to it, over the first piece of ribbon, under the next, then over the last piece of hair.  That piece of hair you just went over now goes over the piece of ribbon next to it and then under the piece of ribbon to the left of that.  That is one complete stitch of this braid. 

Step 4.  Add a section of hair into your piece that you are now holding on the very left and then add a section of hair into the piece that you are now holding on the very right, then repeat step 3. 

Step 5.  Repeat step 4 until you run out of hair to add in, then continue braiding as described in step 3 until you have run out of hair.  Secure with an elastic.

You’re done!  You can go back and gently pull at the edges to pancake the braid and make it look softer and fuller if you’d like.  You may choose to finish it with your favorite hair spray.

Video Tutorial: Fun Hairstyle for sports, school, holidays and more. Switch the colors of the ribbon to match!

Would you like to see a DIY tutorial so you can learn how to do this on yourself?  You can find one here.

 5 Strand Dutch Ribbon Braid

This one is a great style for sports, especially if you don’t pancake it too much.  I find that the 5 strand Dutch ribbon braid works well under a softball helmet and stays in nicely.

Ribbon Assortment

I think it’s nice to have an assortment of ribbon on hand, then you are ready to braid whenever you want!  I know that if I need to go pick up ribbon every time that I wanted to do a ribbon braid, they wouldn’t happen most of the time!  Lol, that’s how it goes as a mom sometimes, isn’t it?!  So I like to keep ribbon around so that it’s ready when I am.  I found a great assorted pack of ribbon on Amazon here, or you can pick some up at your local craft store.

I hope that you’ll give this 5 strand Dutch ribbon braid a try!  If you do, I would love to see how it turns out for you!   You can share it on my Facebook page, tag me in your photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori or use hashtag #HBL5StrandRibbonBraid so that I can find it.

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope that you’ll come back soon.

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