Day 12 – 5 Strand Ribbon Braid

5 Strand Ribbon Braids - great tutorials and ideas here! Such a pretty and unique look!

Day 12 of the 30 Day Braiding Challenge – 30 Days of New Braids.

Today’s challenge is the 5 strand ribbon braid.  This is certainly a little more challenging at first, but it’s so fun to do once you get the hang of it!  If you have been following along the braiding challenge so far this month, then you have already seen or tried the 4 strand ribbon braid and a regular 5 strand braid, so you can do this one today!  The 5 strand ribbon braid is one that I was SO excited when I first learned, and I hope that you will feel that excitement too.

The Technique


5 Strand Ribbon Braid tutorial by Katrina Deegan.  She teaches how to do a ponytail version of the braid which I recommend starting with if you are new to this braid.  I also recommend using two different colors like she does here if you are just learning it – but if you have done this before and are comfortable with the technique, you can use the same color ribbon for a different look.

DIY Tutorial

5 Strand Dutch Ribbon Braid tutorial by Braidsandstyles12.  She is incredible at braiding with ribbon, really the best I have ever seen!  And the amazing thing is that she teaches you how to do them on yourself.


Additional Ways to Use the Technique


5 Strand Dutch Ribbon Braid tutorial by me.  I love this one!  Just straight down the head with fun colored ribbons.  It’s one of my favorite styles ever.


5 Strand Ribbon Braid tutorial by Princess Hairstyles.  She teaches you how to use ribbon and braid using the same method as a regular 5 strand braid as opposed the technique that is usually used with a 5 strand ribbon braid. 


Dutch 5 Strand Ribbon Braid Updo tutorial by Braidsandstyles12.  This is another DIY tutorial by Donna, the talent who is Braidandstyles12.  It’s beautiful and so unique!


Checkerboard Braid tutorial by Princess Hairstyles.  This is two 5 ribbon braids pulled back.  She calls it the checkerboard style because of the cool effect that you get when braiding with thicker ribbon.   You could do it with thinner ribbon if you’d like and your finished result will resemble the other ribbon braids shown above.


If you still aren’t seeing anything that you like, or if you are weary of braiding with ribbon (I know some of you are!), how about trying this tutorial for the unique 5 strand braid by Bebexo.  This is the exact same technique as we use for a 5 strand ribbon braid, but you can use just sections of hair or micro braids like she has done here.

5 Strand Braid with Microbraids tutorial by me.  This tutorial is for the same braid as you see above by Bebexo, but I teach you how to do it as a Dutch braid along the head.  I love this look for all ages, and the microbraids are a great substitution for ribbon. 

I hope that this post gives you some ideas.  I’d love to see how you do today’s challenge!  You can share a photo on my Facebook page, tag me in a photo on Instagram – @hair_by_lori or just use the hashtags #30DaysNewBraids #30DNBDay12.

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#30DaysNewBraids Favorites from 2015’s Braiding Challenge – More Braid Inspiration

I went back through all of the styles on Instagram that were done and tagged#30DNBDay12 as well as all the styles shared on my FB page and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.  Check out these great 5 strand ribbon braid hairstyles!

5 strand ribbon braid hairstyle inspiration - great ideas for all ages! So pretty and unique

From top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Half up 5 strand ribbon braid pigtails from FB, credit Cassie Collins
  2. Three different 5 strand ribbon braid styles from FB, credit Jennifer Reed
  3. Half up 5 strand ribbon braid style from FB, credit Meri McGregor
  4. 5 strand Dutch ribbon braid updo by IG @braidsbykatie
  5. Intricate 5 strand ribbon braid by IG @kreamijn
  6. Two 5 strand ribbon braid styles by IG @elisabetsisters
  7. Scarf as a headband and into a 5 strand ribbon braid by IG @braidedpoet
  8. Lace Dutch braid into a 5 strand ribbon braid by IG @2littlegirls_hairstyles
  9. Elastics into 5 strand Dutch ribbon braid by IG @jane_haircraft
  10. Diagonal 5 strand Dutch ribbon braid by IG @hair_by_a_cowgirl
  11. Dutch braid down the middle with two 5 strand Dutch ribbon braids to braided ponytail by IG @thebraidparadenj
  12. 5 strand Dutch ribbon braid by IG @elizabethbraids.  Love the black with this, makes it look more mature!

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