50 Incredible Halloween Hairstyles

50 Incredible Halloween Hairstyles - there are so many cute and fun ideas in here!  Perfect for crazy hair day, too!

I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of the braiding community on Instagram (didn’t realize there was a braiding community?  Read about it here!)  During the month of October, fellow braiding mom Jill Ehat IG @jehat and I have been hosting a Halloween Hair Challenge.  It has really been so fantastic to see all the creative styles being posted.  I already have done a couple of round  ups of my favorites (check out my 13 Creative & Fun Halloween Hairstyles post or my 15 Awesome Halloween Hairstyles post). 

I started checking the #HalloweenHairChallenge hashtag this week in preparation of this post and I was just blown by how many great styles were posted!  I thought I might wind up featuring 20 styles in today’s post, but I just couldn’t narrow it down to such a small number (lol, I know, 20 isn’t that small!) so I’m giving you a HUGE Halloween inspiration post today and I’m sharing 50 incredible styles with you!!!  From seriously complex works of art to perfectly simple and doable styles, I have it all for you today!  (And be sure to bookmark this page or pin some of these on your Pinterest boards – because these would be great for crazy hair day at school too! )

I hope that you will enjoy today’s 50 Incredible Halloween Hairstyles post as much as I have enjoyed putting it all together for you!  If there is a tutorial that I know of for a style, I have linked to it.  I also link to every Instagram account who’s photos I am sharing today – make sure you go check them out for more fantastic styles all year long!

1.  Bat Hairstyle

Wacky and fun bat hairstyle!  So cute for Halloween or crazy hair day even!  

This adorable bat style was done by IG @bonitahairdo.  It is so clever, different, and adorable!  She has a tutorial for it here.

2.  Giant Spider & Spider Web Hairstyle 

Spider web hairstyle - so complex and cool!  Awesome for Halloween or even crazy hair day

This giant spider and spider web hairstyle was done by IG @kattbie.  It’s so big and fun, I just love it!  This hairstyle is sure to bring lots of attention and compliments!  To create it, she followed the tutorial here but modified it so that it would cover the whole top of her head. 

3.  Giant Wrapped Mummy Hairstyle

Super fun and easy mummy hairstyle!  Sure to stand out at Halloween or crazy hair day

This wrapped mummy hairstyle done by IG @bonitahairdo just makes me giggle (in such a good way)!  It’s silly but perfect for Halloween when silly totally rocks.  This hairstyle is sure to stand out from the rest!  You can find a tutorial for it here

4.  Intricate Braided Horn Hairstyle

Crazy awesome horned hairstyle!  Would be great for Halloween or crazy hair day

I found this photo on IG @thehairbraidingbasics and just loved it!  It’s so complex and creative, though doable if you break it down!  You’d start with the braids at the front on each side, then do your French braids up the back and use those braids to create the horns, then come back to those first two braids you did in the front and loop them around like you see in the photo.  I’m not saying it’d be easy for everyone to do, just that it’s doable 😉

5.  Spider Accented Twist Faux Braid

fun and easy elastic braid with spiders and spider webs - cute Halloween hairstyle

Spider accented elastic braid done by IG @kares84.  Sometimes all you need for the perfect hairstyle is the right accessories!  For the braid, she followed the tutorial here

6.  Colorful Wacky Halloween Hair

Crazy hair for Halloween or crazy hair day!  So bright and fun!

I am always saying that I love holidays because “tacky” suddenly becomes “cool”!  I love that we can do different creative styles for holidays and stand out, in a good way!  This funky colorful hairstyle was done by IG @little.red.braids.  She did two messy fan buns in the front and a French twist in the back then added two spiders, a snake and a skeleton with swirly pipe cleaners and purple hairspray.  It’s just fun!

7.  Wacky Monster Hairstyle

Monster hairstyle.  This would be great for Halloween or crazy hair day!

Here’s another funky fun hairstyle for you that would do just as well for Crazy Hair Day at school as it would for Halloween (love multi-purposing!).  This creative style was done by IG @simplystranded

8.  Pumpkin Patch Hairstyle

Pumpkin patch hairstyle.  So fun and creative.  Perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or even crazy hair day 

This pumpkin patch hairstyle was done by IG @digital_crown_style.  It’s so festive and fun!  It would be great for Halloween or Thanksgiving. 

9.  Spider Bun and Intricate Spider Web Hairstyle

Spider bun and intricate elastic spider web hairstyle.   This looks so cool!!  I love it for Halloween or maybe even crazy hair day!

This spider bun and intricate spider web hairstyle was done by IG @katharina_braids.  It is so impressive looking but really not too difficult to do (my favorite kind of style!).  You could find a spider cupcake wrap or some other Halloween decoration to wrap around your bun (go with a bun maker for this one) then with the hair that comes down over the bun maker,  you would just use elastics to create the spider web pattern.  You’ll end up with one wow-worthy style if you try it out!

10.  Half Up Elastic Spider Web Hairstyle

Elastic spider web hairstyle.  Easy to do and so cute!  For Halloween or crazy hair day

This half up elastic spider web hairstyle was done by IG @jennishairdays.  It’s adorable, fun and quick and easy to do!  I love how she mixed black and orange elastics in the style, as well as black and orange spider rings.  It keeps the hair out of the face, will hold up nicely all day and no braiding required!  This spider accented flower bun was done by IG @hairbycattaneo.  Sometimes fun accessories are all you need to make a style stand out!  You could check out girly glue to attach the spiders, it washes out easily at the end of the day. 

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