7 Great Christmas Tree Hairstyles

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It’s that time of year… the time of year when you drag out your ugly Christmas sweater and marvel in the fact that somehow at holidays, we love things ugly and tacky!  I’ve seen lots of holiday styles float around – the Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer bun in particular – and thought about how awesome it is that you can wear something like that and have people stop and stare and say “Wow, that’s so cool!”

It got me thinking about Christmas tree styles and, in particular, how cool would it be to do a style that actually lights up?!  It’d be tacky and cool at the same time.  So I set to work brainstorming Christmas tree ideas.  As I went along though I realized that some of my styles were just too pretty to put Christmas lights in and *BAM* – it hit me!  Holiday styles could be beautiful too!

Take your pick of what you are going for – cute, cool, tacky, beautiful, quirky… hey, it’s the holidays!  You can get away with it!  Here are some different Christmas tree hairstyles that encompass it all.

Ribbon Christmas Tree Braid 

The Ribbon Christmas Tree Braid - love this style!!













Here’s the style that got me started on doing tutorials!  I was not planning on doing video tutorials, but then this style went viral and I had so many requests for one.  It made me face my fears and film a video.  That first video was terrible – but at least it got me started.  My new tutorial can be found HERE – and it’s starting a 12 Braids of Christmas series that I’m doing – be sure to check it out! 

This style was also the inspiration for my first ever product – the Hair by Lori EZDO Christmas Tree Braid Kit.  They are available now on Amazon.com, you can find them HERE.


HBL EZDO Christmas Tree Braid Kit 3 options - order now on Amazon.com!

The kits come with either Garland, Ornaments or LED Lights.  The EZDO kits make it so easy to do the style – anyone can do it! 

 Elastic Christmas Tree

Elastic Christmas Tree













The first Christmas tree that I thought of was for my 2 year old daughter, Grace.  I came up with this elastic Christmas tree style.  I love that there is no braiding involved, so it’s really quite easy to do.  I’m a huge fan of hairstyles that are easy but make people go “Wow!  I could never do that!”… they could, they just don’t know it.

After I’d finished with this one, I found that the fabulous Princess Hairstyles has done a tutorial on a similar style.  For Princess Hairstyles, she just starts the style up on the head more.  For mine, I wanted to be able to see the entire tree on the back of Grace’s head so I have mine positioned differently than theirs.  Both ways are really cute – and really easy!  The Princess Hairstyles elastic Christmas tree hairstyle is a little more subtle and would probably be preferred by an older girl.  The technique is the really the same as on this style that I did, so check out her tutorial if you are interested in doing this one.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is checking out how different people dress up their trees.  I thought it’d be fun to accessorize my Christmas tree hair styles in different ways to show you just how different a single tree style can look.

Elastic Christmas Tree with Ornaments

Elastic Christmas Tree with Garland Elastic Christmas tree with LED Lights

Here we have twist in hair jewels (gems), pearl ribbon as garland, and pearl ribbon with battery operated portable Christmas lights.

Christmas lights in hair are tacky.  I get that.  But it’s also pretty cool!

When Grace had this style with the lights in, we went to the store.  Everyone that walked by stopped us to look at her hair.  Someone even asked to take a picture of it!   This one is definitely grabs people’s attention.

I had a hard time finding lights to work well in the hair.  The LED Lights that I found all had a large battery box.  Thankfully since the time that this photo was taken, I came out with my own Hair by Lori EZDO Christmas Tree Braid Kit.  In that kit, I have LED Lights that have a small, lightweight battery box that is easy to wear and easy to hide.

Inverted Arrowhead Braid Christmas Tree

Arrowhead Christmas Tree braid - how gorgoues is this!!!













I saw this great style that Princess Hairstyles had done called the arrowhead braid.  I thought it would look really cool if it was inverted.  I think this is my favorite tree that I’ve done.

Here is the link to my YouTube tutorial on the Inverted Arrowhead Braid Christmas Tree.

In the photo, on the left you have the braid when I was done.  The middle picture shows the outsides of the arrowhead braid gently pancaked with a simple twist in hair jewel star at top.  The left photo shows it dressed up with a little more of those hair jewels.  I loved the intricate detail on this one so I didn’t cover it with any garland, but you could also decorate it that way if you wanted.

Pin Curl Christmas Tree

Pin Curl Christmas tree - such an elegant festive style!













I wanted to do a Christmas tree hairstyle that was an updo and came up with this pin curl tree.  I just put out a tutorial on this Pin Curl Christmas Tree Updo here as part of my 12 Braids of Christmas series. 

I tried dressing this one up with the twist in hair jewels and it was terrible… the ones I had were too small against the large pin curls, but might work either if you have larger jewels or clips or if you do smaller pin curls.

Dutch Fishtail with Ribbon Christmas Tree

gorgoues fishtail Christmas tree braid!













I did this Dutch fishtail braid with ribbon last year and absolutely loved it!  I have a tutorial for this Fishtail Christmas Tree Braid here as part of my 12 Braids of Christmas series

Loop Braid Christmas Tree

Love this loop braid christmas tree!! So intricate and beautiful













This is one of my favorite trees that I’ve done.  I just wanted to sit and stare at it when I was finished, because it really looks like a tree!  I have a tutorial for this Loop Braid Christmas Tree here as part of my 12 Braids of Christmas series.  The intricate details on this are so pretty, I didn’t want to distract from it with decorations, but you could add some to yours if you like!

Dutch 5 Strand Ribbon Braids Christmas Tree

Dutch ribbon braid Christmas Tree













This style is a bit more advanced and might be hard to understand without a tutorial unless you are an experienced braider.  I pulled the top of her hair back, then sectioned that ponytail into three sections.  Then I did three Dutch 5 Strand Ribbon braids close together so that they overlapped.  I have a tutorial on a Dutch 5 strand ribbon braid here.  I don’t have a tutorial on this Christmas tree style, but if I get enough requests, I’ll add it to my list to film – so be sure to comment down below if you want me to teach it. 

This one looked gorgeous in person.  It was almost like she had a crown on her head, and it was a nice subtle way to work a Christmas tree into her hair style.

If you want to see more great Christmas Hairstyles, be sure to check out my page here:

12 Braids of Christmas - gorgeous styles for all ages, skill levels and hair lengths!

7 thoughts on “7 Great Christmas Tree Hairstyles

    1. Thank you so much, my friend! I would LOVE to do that style or any other on you sometime! You name the time and place, I’m there. So grateful for you!!

  1. Lori, as a hairstylist, I love doing color, cuts, styles but I really don’t enjoy doing braided & formal specialty styles in my business because it takes even more time. I do, however, enjoy doing them for my daughter (now age 17) & I’m so excited to hopefully get her to let me do your corset braided tree. That thing is gorgeous & genius on your part!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I wish you the best in your endeavors and a very Merry Christmas to you & yours!

    1. Thank you so much, Vanessa! I am truly grateful for your kind words. It’s so encouraging to get such wonderful feedback, especially as I am just starting out in sharing my passion with the world. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas as well!

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