Adorable Christmas Hairstyles For Little Girls

Christmas is such a fun time of year. It’s the time where we can go all out on sprinkling decorations of red and green, glitter, and snowflakes all over our houses and yards. It’s also a time where there are lots of parties. School, church, in the community, friends, family, etc.  SO many parties!  I like to give my girls fun Christmas hairstyles as much as possible during the holiday season, especially when we have one of those holiday parties!  It’s just so much fun, and they love having extra special hairstyles that get “ohhh”s and “ahhh”s from all their friends and relatives!

 Fun and Adorable Christmas inspired Hairstyles For Little girls. Everything from Christmas lights, to frosty, even a Santa hat! Your going to love these!

These hairstyles are fun, bring extra Christmas cheer, and most are super easy! Grab some red and green accessories and let’s dive in.

The Easiest Christmas Tree Braid Ever

easy christmas tree braid - I can't believe how easy this is, anyone can do it!

This is literally the Easiest Christmas Tree Braid Ever, especially if you have my EZDO Christmas Tree Braid Kit. How adorable will your little girl be with a Christmas Tree in her hair?!  You could even curl the pigtails for a little classier and dressed up Christmas tree style.  Decorate the tree with garland, ornaments or even LED lights! (Yes, crazy, somewhat tacky, but oh-so fun!!)

Christmas Star Headband

Adorable Christmas star headband hairstyle for girls

Stars are also a common and important part of Christmas for many people. This Christmas Star Hairstyle can be done in less than 5 minutes and only requires a few elastics and a headband. How fun!

Elegant Elastic Christmas Tree Bun

Beautiful Christmas Tree Bun hairstyle

This Elegant Elastic Christmas Tree Bun style is playful but classy. If you have elastics and can create a bun, you can create this style! Super easy and perfect for a dressy holiday party.

Christmas Wreath Hairstyle For Short Hair

Super cute Christmas wreath hairstyle for little girls with short hair!

If your daughter has short hair, she doesn’t have to be exempt from fun Christmas hairstyles. This Christmas Wreath Hairstyle is perfect for short hair (and cute on long hair too).  Just a little ribbon and a few flowers or other embellishments and a wreath can be created.

Braided Christmas Tree Hairstyle

Fun and festive Christmas tree hairstyle

This Braided Christmas Tree Hairstyle is so cute. The ornaments and stars are an easy DIY project that won’t cost too much money either!

Inverted Arrowhead Christmas Tree Braid

This Inverted Arrowhead Christmas Tree Braid is classy yet still follows along with the fun Christmas theme. It is a little more complicated of a style but is well worth the effort and gives you the option to have the rest of  the hair hanging down for a gorgeous half up look.

Christmas Hairstyle

Adorable Christmas hairstyle for girls

This is a super cute poinsettia Christmas Hairstyle that takes no more than 5 minutes and some Christmas ribbon to complete. This would be super cute for a school Christmas party!

The Accent Christmas Tree

Adorable Christmas tree hairstyle for little girls - works on short or long hair!

This Accent Christmas Tree Braid is long lasting. Gracie wore it though nap and a full nights sleep and it still stayed strong. So if you have multiple holiday parties in a row, this style is for your girls.  This works great on short or longer hair.  Feel free to add some curls for an even more formal feel.

Holiday Hairstyle

Beautiful Christmas hairstyle for little girls

Although this Holiday Hairstyle may look complicated, if you know how to french braid you’ll have this style done in no time. The Christmas colored ribbons can be switched out for another holiday or a normal day too.

Loop Braid Christmas Tree

How pretty is this Christmas tree braid! So intricate and beautiful

This Loop Braid Christmas Tree is delicate and intricate. It could be done with the decorations or without. Either way it is beautiful.

Pin Curl Christmas Tree

Love this lovely pin curl Christmas tree hairstyle! So elegant

This elegant Pin Curl Christmas Tree is absolutely beautiful for any age. With basically a few bobby pins and a curling iron, this style can be created by you too.

Holiday Hairstyle: Christmas Tree

Fun Christmas Tree hairstyle for girls!

This cute Christmas Tree style uses a real present bow and real ornaments. Now that’s fun!

Candy Cane Hairstyle

Adorable candy cane hairstyle! Love this Christmas hairstyle for my girls, perfect for short hair too!

If Christmas Trees aren’t your thing, maybe this Candy Cane Hairstyle is. Candy canes are always a hit in our house around the holidays, even in our hair!

Merry and Bright Hairstyle

So fun!! Love this bright Christmas hairstyle for girls

Are you going caroling or watching a lit Christmas parade? This Merry and Bright style will be the talk of the night with it’s real lights!

Christmas Wreath Braid Hairstyle

Such a pretty Christmas wreath hairstyle! Gotta try this one

If your little girl has longer hair, this Perfect Wreath Braid is much like the previous, but has a different look for long hair. How adorable is this? You could even curl the pony tail.

Winter Wonderland

Such a fun and festive Christmas hairstyle for girls

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? This Winter Wonderland style will hopefully make your wishes come true.

Ornament Braid

Easy and subtle Christmas hairstyle - the ornament braid

This Ornament Braid is an easy style that is also subtle Christmas-y.  Since it’s not too over the top, this one will be a favorite for older girls, tweens & teens.  It is a favorite of mine and a go-to for our busy holiday season days.

Candy Cane Style

Candy cane haristyle - super fun and cute idea for the girls!

Ribbon plays a major part in this Candy Cane style. And how cute are the Christmas tree clips?

Ornament Updo

Subtle Christmas hairstyle perfect for all ages - love this ornament updo!

Another ornament takes it’s place with this easy braided updo. Try this Ornament Updo to keep your little girl’s hair out of her face but still festive. This would be perfect for holiday dance performances or sports events.  Because it’s another subtle Christmas style, older girls and even moms will love this elegant look!

Festive Elf Hairstyle

Too cute! Love this festive look for your little elf

Make your little one’s elf dreams come true with this Festive Elf Hairstyle. This would be adorable for an ugly sweater party also!

Fishtail Christmas Tree Braid

fishtail christmas tree braid ponytail - this is so pretty and festive! great tutorial

This Christmas style is a Fishtail Christmas Braid. This is a favorite of mine also. I like a lot of Christmas hairstyles, can you tell?  They are just so fun!  This one is unique with it’s puffiness and the way the ribbon falls.

Snowman Donut Bun

So adorable! I love this snowman hairstyle

Frosty is a big part of the holiday season. Don’t forget him with this Snowman Donut Bun. With just a few extra pieces, all DIY, you can easily put this style to great use!

Easy Santa Hat Hairstyle

Super easy Santa hat hairstyle

Now this is just plain adorable! When you and your kids take a trip to see Santa, I’m sure he would love to see this Easy Santa Hat Hairstyle!

Holiday Santa Hat

Santa hat hairstyle

Here’s another Santa Hat with a little different twist.

Rope Twist Crown Braid - Christmas Wreath

For even more hair fun check out 12 Ways To Style A Rope Braid!  I love this beautiful wreath hairstyle, plus once you learn it, you can use it for all kinds of occasions. 

The Christmas season is the perfect time to have fun hair.  There can be a lot of stress with all the parties, pictures, events, etc. When it comes to yours and your little ones hair though – have fun with it! Decorate your hair with one of these festive hairstyles.

What do you think of these hairstyles?  I’d love to hear, leave a comment below! Or try it out and then share a photo, I’d love to see.  You can post it on my Facebook page, tag me in a tweet on Twitter or tag me in your photo on Instagram and use hashtag #HBLrecreation or #HBL12BraidsofChristmas so that I can find it. 

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  1. I adore that loop tree braid! It will look fabulous on my girl’s! One question, as you bring the feathered pieces back in are you going over or under the other feathered strands? I could not see. Thank you for sharing you talent and thsnk you to your girls fir being great models.

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