Boho Chic Braids for Fall

I’m excited to welcome Stephanie from IG @steephshairstyles to the blog today!  Stephanie posts beautiful photos to her Instagram account every day and really loves coming up with creative hairstyles as well as creative photo shoots.  Some of my favorite styles of hers are her boho styles.  Today she’s sharing three different boho chic braids for fall along with some incredible photos.  I hope this gives you a little fall hairstyle inspiration!

Boho Chic Braids for Fall

Hi everyone!

My guest blog post on my friend Lori’s blog is going to be about my favorite thing in the world: creating hairstyles and organizing photo shoots for the styles.

I’m a big fan of photography and I like to share my “braidfies” with an original and creative twist. Oh yeah, braidfies aren’t a real thing, but I like to call my braid-selfies; braidfies…hoping that it will become a new word in the dictionary one day! Haha!

Every once in a while I do collaborations with some other artists. For this blog post I did 2 photo shoots. The first one was collaboration with a makeup artist called Charlotte De Ridder (Find her on Instagram here) and our mutual friend Nathalie De Schepper was our model.

The shoot was in 2 locations, one in the park of my hometown and one in Nathalies town (at a fortress). The theme was fall/autumn, obviously! We ended up with 150 photos for 2 complete outfits… I love the results!

Boho braids and cute fall outfit!

boho braids, so adorable!

gorgeous fall style

The first outfit was more of a white, monochrome outfit so I decided to go for a more extreme hairstyle. I mixed some different kinds of braids: a four stranded braid, a pancaked braid, a regular 3 strand braid and a fishtail. This style isn’t super “wearable” but for photo shoots you can work with more creative styles in my opinion!

love this crown braid and cute outfit!

crown braid, so pretty!

gorgoues crown braid!

love this crown braid, what a gorgeous photo!

For the second location her clothes were more like boho/in the forest so I gave her a soft crown braid. She isn’t a fan of super crazy styles so I kept it simple but elegant.

The second shoot was with Shannen Van den Hoek, a fashion and beauty blogger and dear friend of mine (You can find Shannen’s blog here and her Instagram page here. ). She rocks posts about fashion along with tutorials and tips about makeup and beauty!

The whole shoot will be up on her blog later, but I give you guys already a sneak peak of a braided style I created on her.

Beautiful half up French braid and perfect fall outfit!

half up French braid and fabulous fall outfit

French braid half up hair, so simple but gorgeous!

love the boots, the poncho and the hair!

The style was just a pancaked half up French braid, to match the cool poncho! The clothes were borrowed from a PR-agency. The pressure was definitely on, because she needs to send the pictures to the shops that sell these clothes! Super cool to be part of the whole process of it!

For my photos I use a Nikon D5100 and I totally love it. I like to call my camera my baby! It’s super great to take “braidfies” cause it has a screen that you can switch, so that you’re able to see yourself, even with a DSRL camera.

Voila, this was my introduction into my braiding world. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!

Lots of love,


Steephshairstyles - cool braided bangs photo! Stephanie Morcel is a self taught braid enthusiast from Belgium.  She enjoys braiding and photography as her creative outlets.  When she’s not braiding, she loves to travel!  You can find more creative photos as well as see some of the amazing places she’s traveled on her Instagram page IG @steephshairstyles.

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