Boho Twisted Tieback Hairstyle

Love this!! Pretty boho chic twisted hairstyle. Gotta try this!

This boho {bohemian} twisted tieback hairstyle is perfect for summer!  It has a little bit of a hippy vibe to it, while still being sleek and chic.  I really loved wearing it, it’s kind of a subtle hairstyle that isn’t too in your face but is just so cute!  This is one that I will be wearing again soon!

I teach the hairstyle on myself, but you could certainly do it on younger girls too.  If they are going to be running around or playing, you can just pull the hair all back into a low ponytail to keep the style from getting messed up and to keep the hair off their neck. 

You need at least medium length hair to do this hairstyle and have your braids reach around to the middle of the back of your head.  If you are doing it on shorter hair, you can modify the hairstyle to end on the side of the head on both sides.  It will still give you all the detail along the face and be a pretty hairstyle!

I wanted my hair straight for this hairstyle, and since I started with damp hair,  I used my Tame flat iron from Vanity Planet.  Vanity Planet provided me with the flat iron at no charge, but as always, all opinions I share are my own and I would never recommend a product that I wouldn’t buy myself.  I love the Tame flat iron because it works on damp or dry hair. You could certainly do this hairstyle on wavy or curly hair, I just love the sleek look of it with straight hair. I have a 75% off code for the Tame flat iron, it is “hairbylori” and you can find it from Vanity Planet here. 

If you chose to go for straight hair with this style like I do, then be sure to apply a heat protectant first.  I use Matrix’s Oil Wonders Strengthening Oil then brush it through and straighten my hair in small sections.  I love the way that the Tame flat iron works on my hair.  I will say though, if you have very thick hair, you will probably want to have your hair either all the way or almost all the way dry before you start.  If you hair isn’t too thick though, this flat iron should have no problem finishing up the drying as it straightens. 

Now let’s get to the braiding!

How to do a Boho Twisted Tieback Hairstyle

Tools you will need: hairbrush, flat iron, comb, ponytail elastic or clip to temporarily hold hair out of the way, a couple of clear elastics, topsy tail, hairspray

Time to complete:  15-25 minutes depending on length of hair

Skill Level:  Easy

Step 1.  Start by parting you hair straight down the middle. Now on the left of that part, you want to make a straight part back, going about halfway to the crown of your head. By the front of your face, you want to part down now. Only grab a little hair here, less than thickness of that top part. Stop when you are halfway to your ear. Hold that hair out of the way and temporarily secure the rest of your hair back.

Step 2.  Now pick up that hair to begin your braid. You want to start at the back and divide it into two tiny sections. Give both sections a twist FORWARD then cross the front one BACK over the other one. Now pick up a tiny section of hair to add in to your front most strand. Twist both strands forward and cross the front strand BACK over the back strand. Continue like this – pick up a tiny section of hair to add in, twist the strands forward, cross the front one back over.  When you get to by your face, your braid will naturally start angling down which is what you want. Continue braiding it around until you have added in all the hair going down.

Step 3.  Now let down the remainder of your hair and give it a quick brushing if needed. We are going to being our waterfall twist. You are going to keep those two strands you’ve been twisting, but we will be passing sections of hair through the braid to create a waterfall effect.

Step 4.  Hold the two strands so they are separate, pick up a small section of hair that is hanging down, pass it between your two strands, then give both strands a twist forward and cross the one that is on the bottom UP OVER the other strand. Continue this way, picking up small sections of hair, passing it between your two strands, then twisting both strands forward and crossing the bottom one UP over the top to become your new top strand. You want to make sure that the pieces of hair you are picking up to waterfall through your braid are all about the same size. As you braid, make sure that the waterfall twist is going straight back. The first time I did this braid, mine angled down and it did not look as good so be sure to keep yours straight.

As you go, you can gently pull on the bottom those pieces of hair that are waterfalling through. Sometimes they can bubble a little at the top as you are braiding, but pulling on them or even brushing them will help it to lay nicely.

Step 5.  Once you reach the back of your head stop waterfalling pieces through, just give your braid a couple more twists and crosses to braid it out a little farther and then secure it with a clear elastic.

Step 6.  Give your hair a quick brushing and then repeat that whole process on the other side of the head, taking care to match your part lines as closely as you can to the first side.

Step 7.  Use a mirror to check and make sure that the braids are lining up in the back, if not then undo some of your braid and redo it. Thankfully it doesn’t take too long to braid so it’s well worth the effort.  Once you have braided this side all the way back to meet the other braid, hold the two strands from this side onto the elastic from your first side and secure them all together there with another clear elastic.

Step 8.  To make it look more polished, we are going to cover the elastics with hair. Stick a topsy tail down through the last elastic that you put on, pulling it so that only a little bit is out above the top. Then pick up a small section of hair from underneath, wrap it around the elastic a couple of times and pull the end through the topsy tail. Now pull the bottom of the topsy tail to pull the end through and secure it in place.

Step 9.  Brush your hair again to pull on those waterfalled pieces and make sure they are laying flat and run your flat iron over the ends if you need to. You can finish with hairspray if you’d like. 

You’re done! 

 Gorgeous boho hairstyle! Love this idea    This is such a cool hairstyle! Love this for summer, great tutorial    So pretty!! Love this boho chic hairstyle     Stunning! Love how easy this is, gotta try it! Pretty boho hairstyle! Love this idea

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Step by step - how to do the Twisted Tieback Boho Hairstyle.  Full video tutorial available on

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