Braiding Basics – How to 5 Strand Braid


Easy Video Tutorial For The 5 Strand Braid Style.The 5 strand braid has to be one of my favorite techniques to use in a braided ponytail.  It’s unique and intricate looking without being too difficult or time consuming.  Can’t beat that!

Braided ponytails are our go-to style for sports.  They are also Hope and I’s compromise when she doesn’t want her hair done but I do!

I’m going to teach you how to do the 5 strand braid today.  Ponytails are the easiest way to learn it (and fastest too!), so I’m showing you how to do it in a ponytail.  You can be creative and use this in a variety of ways though.  They make cute accent braids or you can do a braid back on either side for a half up look.  Although I’m not teaching it today, you can also do the 5 strand as a French braid or a Dutch braid by adding in hair to the outer most pieces with each complete stitch…. And I may have to come back and do video for the 5 strand Dutch braid because it is absolutely one of my favorite braids ever!

Let’s get started on how to 5 strand braid.


Supplies you’ll need: ponytail elastic, small elastic, hairbrush and optional – spray bottle.

Step 1.  Brush out the hair and then pull the hair into a ponytail.  **Optional, spray the hair down with water (it will end up holding better so this is recommended if your little one has fine hair that slips out of a style or if you need it to last all day for school or sports).

Step 2.  Divide the hair into 5 sections.

Step 3.  Take your left most strand and go over the strand next to it and under the strand in the middle.  Stop here and start braiding from the right.

Step 4.  Take your right most strand and go over the strand next to it and under the strand in the middle.  Stop here and go back to braiding from the left.

Step 5.  Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have braided all the way down.

Step 6.  Secure with an elastic.

You’re done!

Easy Video Tutorial For The 5 Strand Braid Style.

If you find that this braid comes apart or gives you a lot of flyaways, then I recommend trying it on wet hair.  Another thing that would help is to use a pomade or a little hair gel on the bottoms of the hair.  This would especially help if you are doing this on layered hair.5 Strand Braid

You can go back and gently pull at the edges of the braid to pancake it and make it look more full if you’d like.  This is a nice way to make braids look more mature.  If you are doing the style on a little one who’s hair is prone to falling out of braids, or if you need it to stay in place for sports, then I don’t recommend pancaking it as it does loosen the style up.

I’d love to hear how it turns out for you if you want to share it on my Facebook page or tag me in your photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori, or use hashtag #HBL5StrandBraid. 

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope you’ll come back next week when I’ll be teaching you how to fishtail braid – and troubleshooting the fishtail braid for those of  you who know the technique but have it come out a little messed up!

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