Braiding Basics – How to Rope Braid

Easy Tutorial Video for the fun Rope Braid.

I love the rope braid.  It truly is one of my favorite braids.  I didn’t learn this easy – super easy – braid until the beginning of 2014.  I often wonder how it took me so long to learn, because it’s so easy that my daughter learned it as her first braid at the same time I learned it – and she was 7. 

On top of it being the easiest braid to do, it’s the fastest!  Or maybe it’s the fastest because it’s the easiest… hmmm… either way, I think you’ll love it!

I’ve already covered How to French Braid and How to Dutch Braid so far in my Braiding Basics series.  I’m continuing the series with braided ponytails, starting now with how to rope braid (aka rope twist or rope twist braid).  Braided ponytails are a great starting point because they are fast and they allow you to master different braiding techniques.  Once you have the technique down, you can incorporate them in an endless number of styles.  Let’s get started!



Supplies you’ll need:  ponytail elastic, small elastic, hairbrush and optional – spray bottle.

Step 1.  Start by brushing out the hair and pulling the hair into a ponytail.  **Optional, spray the hair down with water (it will end up holding better so this is recommended if your little one has fine hair that slips out of a style or if you need it to last all day for school or sports).

Step 2.  Divide the hair into two sections.

Step 3.  Take the both sections of hair and twist them to the left (counter clockwise).

Step 4.  Take the section of hair that you are holding on the left and cross it over the section on the right. 

Step 5.  Continue twisting both sections of hair to the left as you go along.

Step 6.  Continue taking the section of hair that you are holding on the left and crossing it over the section on the right until the braid is complete.

Step 7.  Secure with an elastic.

You’re done! 

Easy Tutorial Video for the fun Rope Braid.

If you find that this braid comes apart or gives you a lot of flyaways, then I recommend trying it on wet hair.  Another thing that would help is to use a pomade or a little hair gel on the bottoms of the hair.  This would especially help if you are doing this on layered hair.

Braided ponytails like this are great finished with a bow or other cute hair accessory.  My very favorite place to find gorgeous and well made hair accessories is from Binding Creations.

You don’t just have to do this as a braided ponytail though.  There are so many ways to incorporate this technique into different hair styles.  My favorite is probably doing a tie back type style – taking sections of hair from either side of the face, rope braiding them, and then securing the two braids together at the back of the head.  You can get really creative though, the possibilities are endless!  Here are just a few ways that I’ve dressed styles up by adding rope braids.

If you try the rope braid out and want to share, I would love to see!  You can post photos on my Facebook page or tag me in a photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori, or use the hashtag #HBLRopeBraid.

Rope Braids into 3 strand braid
Rope braids into 3 strand braid
Rope braid accented updo
Updo with rope braid accents
Rope Braids into wrap around French braid
Rope braids into wrap around French braid
Heart hairstyle with rope braid accents
Heart hairstyle with rope braid accents

Next up in my Braiding Basics series I will teach you how to do a 4 strand braid, with and without ribbon.  I hope you’ll stop by my site next week to check it out!

Thank you so much for reading!

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