Braiding Basics – The Lace Braid

A simple video tutorial for The Lace Braid with a gorgeous result!

Some people have commented to me “I wish I could braid like you do!” as if it were some impossible feat.  Let me tell you, it’s not!   I only knew how to 3 strand braid and French braid until about a year ago.  All that I am able to do now, I’ve learned since then.  I’m not a licensed cosmetologist.  I’m just a mom who loves doing hair – and I’m sharing this love of mine with you all because I believe that anyone can braid!

That belief that anyone can braid is what led me to know that I need to do a Braiding Basics series.  I’m wrapping up my series today by teaching you how to do a lace braid.  If you’ve followed this series, you have learned some great basic and foundation skills.  From here, you can get really creative!  Combine techniques and think of different ways to use these techniques to come up with an endless amount of styles.  It’s so fun!

The term “lace braid” refers to anytime you are adding hair in on just one side of the braid but not the other, so essentially half a French braid.  However, as I said above, you can combine techniques!  You can do a lace Dutch braid, or a lace fishtail braid.  I could keep going on and on  here, because any braid you know how to do (or almost any at least), you can take and add hair on just one side and make it a lace braid.

Here I am going to show you how to do a couple of lace braid-backs for a half up style so that you can learn the idea of the lace braid.  Let’s get started!

Supplies you’ll need: a couple of small elastics, hairbrush and a cute accessory or bow.



Step 1.  From along one side of her face, gather a section of hair following the hair line (from top part to ear)and split it into three equal sized pieces.

Step 2.  Starting with the piece that is closer to the top of her head, do one stitch of a 3 strand braid.

Step 3.  Now add a section of hair to the top most strand and braid that in, but on the bottom, don’t add any hair.

Step 4.  Continue braiding this way, adding hair from the top but not the bottom, until you have braided back to the middle of her head.

Step 5.  Secure with an elastic.

Step 5.  Repeat steps 2-4 on the other side of her head, watching that you mirror where the braid is sitting from where it sits on the first side of her head.

Step 6.  Secure with an elastic –  when you secure this side with an elastic, pull the other finished braid into the elastic to combine the two braids (the two elastics should be overlapping – or close to it).

Step 7.  Add your favorite accessory!  The one pictured here is one of our favorites from Binding Creations.

You’re done!  You can go back through and pancake the braid (pull at the edges to get a softer, more full look).

A simple video tutorial for The Lace Braid with a gorgeous result!

Remember, this is just one idea out of a million ways you can use this technique!  Have fun with it and get creative!

Here are some other ways that I’ve done lace braids:

Boho lace braids Dutch lace headband braid  4 strand lace braid lace rope twist braid

You can see, there are so many different ways to use these basic techniques that I’ve taught in my Braiding Basics series!  I would love to see your styles if you want to share them on my Facebook page, tag me in a photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori. or use hashtag #HBLLaceBraid so that I can find it.

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope you’ll stop back soon!

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