Day 24 – Buns

Great collection of bun hairstyle tutorials! From ballet buns to gorgeous updos, these are the best bun tutorials out there

It’s day 24 of the 30 Day Braiding Challenge – 30 Days of New Braids.

Today’s challenge theme is the hair bun.  While a bun does not necessarily have a braid in it,  it’s such a great style to wear and there are many different ways to do it (some featuring braids!), so I felt that the bun deserved a place in our 30 day challenge.  For little girls to adults, tight buns to the beautiful messy buns that are so in right now, knowing how to do a good bun is such a great skill to have!

 Twisted Flower Bun tutorial by me.  This is my absolute favorite way to do a bun.  You don’t need a  bun maker (aka bun donut) for it and it makes a nice full bun that holds all day!


 How to Make A Perfect Ballet Bun tutorial by Princess Hairstyles.  This type of bun is often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a bun.  Perfect for sports and dance!  And if you are doing it on longer hair or struggle with wrapping the ends of the hair around the bun maker, check out her tutorial here where she shows you how to make a donut bun with no ends.


 Donut Bun Bow tutorial by Chikas Chic.  This is an adorable way to dress up your ballet/donut bun!


 Messy Bun tutorial by Cute Girls Hairstyles.  Messy buns are so in right now – but they can be harder than you would think to do!  I know so many people who have told me they struggle with the messy bun, it takes them 15+ minutes to get that perfect messy look, which seems a bit ironic, right?!  So no shame in needing a tutorial to create this adorable look.

Low Chignon tutorial by Sweethearts Hair Design.  This chignon is so sophisticated and classy!  She teaches it on her daughter, but I think it is perfect for older girls and moms too.

The Twisted Bun tutorial by Sweethearts Hair Design.  Here is another fantastic simple but beautiful bun idea. 


 Starburst Bun tutorial by Jenni’s Hairdays.  I love how she teaches it on her little one to show you that even if you are working on less or more fine hair, it still works!  And if you are very ambitious, you can check out her double starbrust bun tutorial here.


 Double Waterfall Triple French Braid tutorial by Missy Sue.  This is such a gorgeous way to dress up your bun look!

Twist Fishtail Bun tutorial by Jenni’s Hairdays.  This hairstyle will take you a bit more time and is more advanced than some of the other tutorials I am sharing today, but it is such a gorgeous and unique bun that is sure to stand out! 

Ribbon Braid Wrapped Sock Bun tutorial by Babes in Hairland.  I love this simple and beautiful bun!  Match the color of ribbon to any outfit or occasion.


 Dutch Braid and Dutch Fishtail Braid Messy Bun tutorial by Annies Forget Me Knots.  This is a stunning way to add braids into your style with your bun.  It’s so soft and feminine, definitely a more grown up look.


Bun Variations - Princess Hairstyles
I love all these great buns from Princess Hairstyles, so I just had to share!  You can click through here to get to tutorials for these styles (from left to right):  Hot Cross Bun, Braided Bubble Bun, Pinwheel Bun.
Bun Inspiration - Cute Girls Hairstyles
Here’s a little more bun inspiration for you!  These buns from Cute Girls Hairstyles are just too cute.  You can click through to get to tutorials for these styles (from left to right):  Double French Messy Bun Updo, Pancaked Bun of Braids, Lace Braided Bun.
I hope that this post gives you lots of bun inspiration!  A bun certainly does not have to be a boring style.  You could even take any braided ponytail (try one of the braids that we learned in the challenge here) and then wrap it up into a bun and pin in place.  I think if you have a little dancer or ice skater, it’s possible for them to wear a different type of bun all season long!
I’d love to see which style you chose to create for today’s challenge!  You can share a photo on my Facebook page, tag me in a photo on Instagram – @hair_by_lori or just use the hashtags #30DaysNewBraids #30DNBDay24.

#30DaysNewBraids Favorites from 2015’s Braiding Challenge – More Braid Inspiration

I’ve gone back through all of the styles on Instagram that were done and tagged#30DNBDay24 as well as all the styles shared on my FB page and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.  Check out these great bun hairstyles!

I am in love with all of these buns! So many great ideas for ballet buns or just pretty updos

From top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Bun of braids from FB, credit Sarah Chyllo
  2. Dutch braid to a fishtail braided bun by IG @lauraelizabethglasgow 
  3. Lace fishtail braided bun by IG @elisabetsisters
  4. Waterfall twists into a French fishtail into a fishtail braided bun by IG @jennishairdays
  5. Upside down corset braid to a bun by IG @prettylittlebraids 
  6. Donut bun wrapped with micro braids by IG @gicat77
  7. Hair bow bun by IG @sj_hair 
  8. Bun with colored bobby pin accents by IG @mimiamassari
  9. Bun of braids from FB, credit to Laura McDermott Vestal
  10. Bun looped like a flower (so creative!) by IG
  11. Dutch 4 strand lace ribbon braided bun by IG @thebraidparadenj
  12. 5 strand waterfall braid into waterfall twists with a messy bun by IG @hairmiester51

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