Candy Cane Hairstyle

Video Tutorial: Candy Cane Hairstyle. A Fun and Easy Christmas Style

This post is part of my 12 Braids of Christmas series – be sure to check out all the festive styles in this series!

Last year I tried a bunch of candy cane hairstyles out, you can see them here.  I have to admit – they were not my favorite!!  I had so many great ideas for different ways to make the candy cane shape and to get the colors in there, but they all ended up hard to execute.  While I don’t mind a challenging hairstyle (when I don’t have a squirmy little one who doesn’t want their hair done), I want everyone else to easily be able to recreate the hairstyles that I do.

Today’s candy cane hairstyle tutorial is not based on any that I did last year, but rather it’s based on a style that my friend Laura (on Instagram as IG @lauralaine_hair.) did on her own little one.  All the styles that Laura posts on her little one are simply adorable – but doable!  And that’s my favorite part – they aren’t too complicated.  Because when you are doing hair on a wiggly toddler or preschooler – lol, even my 9 year old wiggles sometimes! – you need styles that are fairly quick and easy to do!

candy cane hairstyle - so adorable on a little one for Christmas!

Above is the style that today’s tutorial is based on.  Her hair is longer than my little Gracie – so you can see that this hairstyle really works well on all hair lengths! 

Let’s get started on how to do this adorable Candy Cane Hairstyle!

Supplies you’ll need:  hairbrush, comb, a couple of clips to temporarily keep hair out of the way, a couple of hair elastics, topsy tail or a craft needle, red and white ribbon, and (optional) a cute bow

Time: 7-10 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy

Step 1.  Start by creating a deep part off to the left off her head.  Now take your comb and part straight over at the back of that part line (by the crown of her head) about an inch and a half.  Then take the comb and curve it up and around, but just after you reach the peak, bring it back down at an angle to form the other side of the candy cane (see video).  Secure the hair from the inside of that curve temporarily out of the way with a clip.  Take your comb and make one last part – a deep right part back – clip the hair from under that part line down and out of the way. 

Step 2.  Take the hair on the top of the hair (the large top section minus that small curved part that you parted out).  At the beginning of your candy cane, begin a Dutch lace braid – Dutch means the hair goes under (vs. going over in a French braid) and lace means you are only adding in hair on one side.  In this case, you are going to add hair in on the side that is closest to her face.  Braid this way along the curved part until you have braided in all the hair from that top section then continue braiding it out a few more stitches without adding any additional hair in.  Secure with an elastic.

Step 3.  Take your craft need or topsy tail and thread a piece of red ribbon and a piece of white ribbon through the end.  Carefully pull that through the point where your candy cane braid begins – then slip the end of the ribbon off the craft needle and tie the ribbon in a knot with the other end so that it is securely attached to the braid.  

Step 4.  Thread the other end of the ribbon onto your craft needle then thread it through the braid.  The two pieces of ribbon will like together, on top of one another.  Make sure that you twist it as you thread it through the braid so that you alternate the color of ribbon that is facing up – giving you the candy cane striped pattern.  Continue this the entire length of the braid.

Step 5.  Let the hair that was temporarily clipped out of the way down.  Now pull the hair into a ponytail or a half up ponytail – depending on the length of hair you are working on.

Step 6.  Trim the ribbon at the beginning and end of the style if you need to.  You may chose to finish with hairspray or with a cute holiday bow. 

Video Tutorial: Candy Cane Hairstyle. A Fun and Easy Christmas Style


Candy cane hairstyle - this is adorable! Love it!   Candy cane hairstyle for the holidays - perfect for short hair! Sweet candy cane hairstyle - perfect for Christmas! And so easy too Candy Cane Hairstyle

I hope you’ll give this sweet candy cane hairstyle a try!  f you try it and want to share, I’d love to see how it turns out for you!  You can share it on my Facebook page, tag me in your photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori or use the hashtag #HBLCandyCane –  if you use the hashtag, it might end up featured here on my page.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see!

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you’ll come back soon!

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