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The holidays are such a fun time to get creative with hairstyles.  Suddenly things that are normally tacky are awesome and cool!  I had so much fun coming up with these great Christmas Tree Hairstyles that I wanted to put together some candy cane hairstyle ideas too.

The key to a great candy cane hairstyle is coming up with right shape.  That seems obvious, but it can be harder to execute than you think!  I’ll show you some easier ones first then work up to the ones that are a little more advanced.

Easy Candy Cane Hairstyles Great for Little Girls

Candy Cane Hairstyle













My dear Instagram friend Laura (@lauralaine_hair) was gracious enough to let me use 3 of her photos of candy cane styles that she did on her little girl.  You have to check out her page for more great styles for a little one!

This first one is a Dutch braid on the very top finished by a regular three strand braid down into a ponytail pulling half of her hair up and finished off by wrapping the hair in ribbon.  If you have a topsy tail or a large yarn crafting needle, that will make it easier to wrap the braid in ribbon, but if you take your time and care it can be done without any tools. Adorable side candy cane hairstyle!!  So sweet for the holidays













This second style of Laura’s is a lace braid (means you are just adding hair on one side of the braid, like a half French braid) around the front.  On the back she has twisted the hair to meet that braid and finished it in a side ponytail.  Then she wrapped it in ribbon.

Sweet, easy candy cane hairstyle!  Adorable!













This last candy cane hairstyle of Laura’s is one done using this great tutorial from Princess Hairstyles.  It’s a great hairstyle for a little one that doesn’t have very long or thick hair yet!  You could even leave off the side ponytail  if your girl doesn’t have enough hair for it.

A special thank you to Laura for sharing these great candy cane ideas!  Laura’s the sweetest and such a talented braider, make sure to check her out on Instagram – @lauralaine_hair!

 More Advanced Candy Cane Hairstyles

These next candy cane hairstyles are ones that I did on my daughter.

Candy Cane Hairstyle













This style is really not very hard.  The top part is a lace braid around her head, where you are pulling hair in just from the bottom part of her head.  I then secured that in a side ponytail and went back and wove ribbon around the lace braid using my Topsy Tail.  If you don’t have a Topsy Tail, you can weave the ribbon in without it.

For the bottom part of the style, I followed this great candy cane braid tutorial from Princess Hairstyles.  Even if you don’t think you can pull of the top part of the style, check out that tutorial that I’ve linked to from Princess Hairstyles.  It’s wonderful and would look great as just a ponytail or as pigtails.














This candy cane hairstyle is a lace 4 strand ribbon braid.  This is on my list of tutorials to film, I’m just not sure when I’ll get to it.  Again, just making sure that you have the right shape of the candy cane is important.  I started behind her left ear and went up and around.  I have a tutorial on French 4 strand ribbon braid here – you use the same technique but only add hair in on one side.   I alternated which color ribbon I was using and dropped the one that I wasn’t braiding with down behind the rest of the braid, which gives you a very cool candy cane effect.

A much easier way to do a candy cane style in this shape would be to do lace braid in this shape and then wrap it in ribbon.

Intricate candy cane hairstyle













This style pictured started with the 4 strand ribbon braid pictured above.  I then French braided the hair that remained and wrapped the ribbon braid around it.

Candy cane hairstyle













This candy cane uses the same 4 strand ribbon braid technique as the one above.  I just alternate the color of ribbon that I am using to braid with, dropping the one that I wasn’t currently braiding with down behind the braid.

This is another one that you could take the shape of and do a lace braid and then wrap it in ribbon to make it easier.














These pigtails were the trickiest one that I did, and probably harder than they needed to be!  (Sometimes I have a style in my head and set to work executing it and it just isn’t quite what I thought it would be.)

I did a Dutch 5 strand ribbon braid and every other stitch I took and wrapped the ribbon around it to give it more of a stripped look.  You could certainly make it simpler by doing an easier braid and just wrapping it in ribbon!  It would also look great finished with the candy cane braid from Princess Hairstyles.

I hope that this post has given you some ideas for your own little one!  Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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  1. This post is wonderful Lori! I absolutely love the candy cane styles you did on your sweet daughter, and thank you so much for featuring mine!! This is so exciting! And I love your blog, it’s amazing- I’m forwarding the post about the wet brushes to my sister because she’s always looking for something to help with tangles for her daughters! Keep up the awesome work, can’t wait to see more!

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