Christmas Wreath Braid Hairstyle

 Christmas Wreath Braid Hairstyle tutorial - this is so perfect for the holidays!!  Gorgeous!

This post is part of my 12 Braids of Christmas series – be sure to check out all the festive styles in this series!

I have done wreath hairstyles in the past, and they have been fun and pretty.  As much as I loved them at the time – today’s tutorial is my favorite wreath hairstyle of all!  This Christmas wreath braid hairstyle looks like a wreath is hanging right on the back of her head, or really – it looks like it has melded into her hair.  I just love it! 

Like most of my Christmas hairstyles, this Christmas wreath braid could be worn for all of your holiday festivities!  It would go great for school Christmas parties, family events – dressy or casual, ugly sweater parties, Christmas caroling, looking at Christmas lights.  Whatever your occasion, this would be a great hairstyle to do.

Supplies you’ll need: hairbrush, comb, a couple of clips to temporarily keep hair out of the way, a couple of hair elastics, green ribbon, bobby pins and cute wreath decorations – I went with a red bow, flowers and a little greenery in mine. 

Time: 10 minutes

Skill Level:  Medium

Step 1.  Start by taking your comb and sectioning off a circle of hair in the center of the back of her hair.  Use the clips to temporarily secure that hair out of the way.

Step 2.  Take a small piece of hair at the bottom center of the back of her neck and tie one end of your green ribbon on it.   

Step 3.  Pick up a small section of hair to the left of that initial section and split it into two parts.  This gives you 3 pieces of hair (inluding piece ribbon is tied around) and 1 piece of ribbon – the 4 strands you will be braiding.  Begin braiding a lace (only adding hair on one side) 4 strand ribbon braid.  See video for detail instructions of that.

Step 4.  Continue adding hair into the outside strand only and braid up and around the circle you sectioned off in step 1.  When you have made it all the way around to her neck again and don’t have any more hair to add in, just continue braiding out a 4 strand ribbon braid as far as you can and then secure it with an elastic.

Step 5.  Take and tuck the end of the hairstyle up and under the beginning part of your braid and then pin it so that the end stays hidden. 

Step 6.  Add hairspray and pins if needed to help hold style and decorate your wreath as you like.

Christmas wreath braid hairstyle - this is so beautiful!!  Love this one!

A special thank you to my sweet model Molly, daughter of blogger (and friend!) extraordinaire Colleen of

I think that the ribbon braid goes with this wreath hairstyle perfectly, so be brave and give it a try.  If it still seems to difficult to do, then check out the YouTube tutorial that my post was inspired by here.  She did her style with a lace Dutch braid, which is an easier way to do it.

I hope you’ll give this gorgeous Christmas wreath braid hairstyle a try! If you do, I’d love to see how it turns out for you!  You can share it on my Facebook page, tag me in your photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori or use the hashtag #HBLChristmasWreath –  if you use the hashtag, it might end up featured here on my page.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see!

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you’ll come back soon!

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