Day 23 – Combo Braids

Tutorials featuring a combination of different braiding techniques - love these!! Need to try them all

It’s day 23 of the 30 Day Braiding Challenge – 30 Days of New Braids.

Today’s theme is braid combos.  So basically this just means any style that encompasses more than one braiding technique.  We have covered so many braiding techniques so far in our braiding challenge (click here to see all of them).  You can get creative and create your own style utilizing 2 of the braids we have already learned so far.  If you need a little inspiration though (and who doesn’t love feeling inspired?!), I have some great tutorials to share with you today that all feature at least 2 different braiding techniques.


DNA Braid Hairstyle tutorial by Princess Hairstyles.  This awesome looking hairstyle combines a rope braid, Dutch braid, lace braid, and feathered braid all for one very cool and unique look.  I’ll be honest, it’s not really a beginner style (my first try at it was pretty crooked lol) but if you take your time and/or give it a couple tries, it’s worth the effort!


DIY Stacked Braid tutorial by Braidsandstyles12.  Stacked braids are a really cool way to combine two different braid techniques! 
The Run Braid Combo tutorial by Cute Girls Hairstyles.  This beautiful style combines the French braid, three strand braid and rope twist techniques for a style that is great for both active kids and us adults who want a cute look!

Warrior Braid tutorial by Sweethearts Hair Design.  This style can be done even on shorter hair for a very cool look.


French Braid Combo tutorial by Jenni’s Hairdays.  This style is actually two vertical waterfall braids with a French braid in between.  I think that this one looks so complex but is actually easier to do than you would think just looking at it!  I love it!

Waterfall & French Braid Combo tutorial by me.  Waterfall braids and French braids pair together so nicely!  This tutorial is one that is perfect for short hair, though could be done on longer hair too. 


Feather Braided Fishtail Combo tutorial by Babes in Hairland.  This is such a gorgeous style for all ages! 


Waterfall, Dutch, French Braid into Braided Bun tutorial by Missy Sue.  She loves doing tutorials that combine different braiding techniques, you can find over 20 of them here!
I hope that this post gives you some great ideas of how you can combine different braiding techniques to create gorgeous styles.  I’d love to see how you decide to do today’s combo braid challenge!  You can share a photo on my Facebook page, tag me in a photo on Instagram – @hair_by_lori or just use the hashtags #30DaysNewBraids #30DNBDay23.

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#30DaysNewBraids Favorites from 2015’s Braiding Challenge – More Braid Inspiration

I’ve gone back through all of the styles on Instagram that were done and tagged#30DNBDay23 as well as all the styles shared on my FB page and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.  Check out these combination braided hairstyles!

Hair inspiration! These hairstyles all combine different braiding techniques  
From top to bottom, left to right:
  1. Dutch fishtail braid stacked with a 4 strand ribbon braid by IG @braidsbyjordan
  2. Feathered French braid, Dutch braid, fishtail braid combo from FB, credit Elizabeth Martinez
  3. Sideswept waterfall braid with microbraids by IG @seletienelatrenza
  4. Dutch braid cornrows and 5 strand ribbon braid by IG @pr3ttygirl79
  5. 4 strand ribbon braid and fishtail braids that are twisted together like a rope braid by IG @hairstyles_by_shannon
  6. Pull through braid stacked with a 3 strand braid by IG @365goodhairdays
  7. 3 different combo braided styles from FB, credit Jennifer Reed
  8. French braid, rick rack braid crossing over into a 4 strand braid and a fishtail braid combo pigtails by IG @braidingbad
  9. French loop braids and feather braid combination style by IG @katharina_braids
  10. Dutch braid and fishtail braid half up combo by IG @annies_hairstyles
  11. Rope braid, lace braid and 4 strand braid into a side pony by IG @miriamtogether
  12. 3 strand braid, lace braid and Dutch braid combo style from FB, credit Vlechthobby
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