Conair Infiniti Pro 3-in-1 Review

Conair Infiniti Pro 3-in-1 Review & Demo

I decided recently that I would start doing product reviews in addition to my tutorials and other posts that I do on my blog. 

Bigger bloggers are approached by companies to try products out, they are in networks to take sponsored posts, etc.  That’s really cool for them – it helps them to earn some money blogging or at least get some free items to try and often they get a deal for their readers, a promo code or something to give away.  I don’t begrudge them their sponsored posts at all – it works out for them and their readers. 

Maybe one day (I hope!) my blog will grow and I’ll be there too.  I’m still a little blog though… but it’s actually kind of cool for me right now, because it means that I can look for products that I think look cool, buy them and review them myself.  (Ok, the buying them just to review isn’t that cool to everyone in my house, but my husband knows I love this so he puts up with it lol).  Money aside, it’s awesome for me to try out things that I’m interested in. 

Such was the case with the product that I’m reviewing today.  I was on Amazon looking at different hair stuff and saw the Conair Infiniti Pro 3-in-1 Styling SystemIt was $25 and it claimed to dry, shine and straighten hair – and in less time than you would spend blow drying and using a flat iron!  That would be something, wouldn’t it?!  So let me tell you how it went for me.

For those of you who prefer to watch a review rather than read, here is my video review and demo.


What You Get

Inside the box of the Conair Infinity Pro 3-in-1 Styling System you’ll find:

  • Blow dryer – 1875 Watts
  • Concentrator attachment to use when blow drying
  • Patented 3-in-1 attachment that dries, straightens and shines – the straightening component is made with tourmaline ceramic plates to minimize heat damage to hair.  It has 4 different tension settings to adjust to different thicknesses of hair. 

How to Use It

  • You want to brush out your wet hair
  • Apply a heat protectant or finishing products
  • Blow dry until it is damp.
  • Once it’s mostly dry, you add the 3-in-1 attachment. 
  • Adjust the compression setting if you need to based on how thick or thin your hair is.  I set it at 3 for mine.
  • Section your hair off, leaving the hair from the top of your ears down free, and tie the hair above it out of the way.
  • Start at the front on one side and work your way around, hold the hair at the bottom and start at the top of each section with your blow dryer attachment, going from top down.  Each piece should be dry and straight once you are done with your pass at it, then move on to the next section until you’ve done the entire layer you left out.
  • Take down your hair that was pulled out of the way, section it in half so you have another layer to dry/straighten, secure the rest of the hair out of the way.
  • Repeat what you did on the bottom later, then let down the remainder of your hair and finish drying/straightening it. 

What I Liked

Overall, I liked that it worked!  I was so excited!

  • The blow dryer itself works great for blow drying, better than what I previously used.
  • It saved me time because I was straightening and finishing drying it at the same time.
  • It got my hair nice and straight.
  • It was such a great deal – cheaper than any straightener I’ve bought, and much cheaper than buying a blow dryer and a straightener.

What I Didn’t Like

  • I couldn’t use the straightener under the sections of hair like they said you could, when I tried my other hair got sucked into the back of the dryer. (But it does work on top of the sections of hair just fine.)
  • It made my hair really hot.  (Thankfully it’s quick to use and I had heat protectant on hand.)

Do I Recommend It?

I most definitely recommend it!  The Conair Infiniti Pro 3-in-1 Styling System is a really cool product which I now use all the time.  I had originally planned on doing a giveaway with mine when I was done testing it out, but I love it so much that I’m keeping it.  You can buy one here on Amazon though if you like! 

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I also recommend this Matrix Oil Wonders Strengthening Oil which I used in my video.  My hairdresser recommended it to me as a heat protectant.  It smells amazing and my hair is so shiny and healthy looking when I use it, I love it!  It’s so good that my husband even noticed a difference when I used it.  You can find it on Amazon here if you’re interested. 

I hope that you found this review helpful!  If you try either of these products, I hope that you love them as much as I do.  If you have any products that you are interested in seeing me try out, let me know – you can leave a comment here or on my Facebook page. 

Thanks for reading!   I hope you’ll come back to my site again soon.

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