Corset Braided Heart Tutorial

Corset Braided Heart hairstyle is perfect for women and girls on Valentines Day or an everyday look.

Looking for an eye-catching hairstyle for Valentine’s Day?  I’ve got one for you here!  I tried this one out on Hope the other day and she was SO EXCITED!  She kept saying “I.. {points to head}.. IT!” — ( “I love it”, in case anyone doesn’t get it – She has my corny sense of humor!).  This hairstyle incorporates a lace braided heart and a corset braid for one beautiful look!  This is such a cute hairstyle for little girls, it’s so unique and different.

Supplies you’ll need:  Hairbrush, 2 clear elastics (or other color that matches your hair), piece of ribbon – I started with one 5 1/2 feet long and then trimmed it down at the end (better to have too much than not enough here!)

Step 1.  Part hair down the middle, then continue the part about 2 1/2 more inches down the back of her head, clip the hair from one side of the part out of your way so the part doesn’t get lost.

Step 2.  Pick up a very small section of hair along that part line, so that you have a small rectangle of hair with the long side along the part.

Step 3.  Do one stitch of a three strand braid with that hair.

Step 4.  Add in hair to the braid only on the side that is up, so you are pulling hair from towards her face. (This is called a lace braid when you add hair into just one side of a braid – like half a French braid)

Step 5.  Continue braiding and adding in hair only on the side that is close to her face, creating the outer edge of your braid.  Add hair in and direct the braid so that it curves around in the shape of half a heart.  Make the last section that you add in, the section from right above her ear.

Step 6.   Continue braiding with a regular 3 strand (English) braid all the way out  (not adding any new hair now) and secure with an elastic.

Step 7.  Repeat steps 2 –5 on the other side, completing the second side of the heart.  Watch to make sure you are making it as even as possible to the first side.

Step 8.  Continue braiding it out, then pull that braid and the braid you completed on the other side to the center to form the bottom point of the heart.  Secure with an elastic.

Step 9.  Take your ribbon and pull it through the bottom, inner stitch on each side of the heart, right above the bottom point that you just created.  Pull the ribbon so that it is centered and has about the same amount hanging on each side.

Step 10.  Take the end of the ribbon that is hanging on the left and weave it through the next stitch up on the right.

Step 11.  Take the end of the ribbon that is hanging on the right and weave it through the next stitch up on the left.

Step 12.  Continue steps 10 & 11, lacing up the braid like a corset or a shoe until you get to the bottom of that top point.

Step 13.  Take the ribbon on the left and gently lift the hair from the very start of your braid on the left side of the hear, at the bottom of the part, and pull the ribbon through here.  Then take it back to the outer edge on the left, pull it through there, then take the ribbon up to just right of the top of that side of the heart and pull the ribbon through.

Step 14.  Mirror step 14 on the right side of your heart.

Step 15.  Go back to the bottom of the braid and cinch the ribbon tighter until it is to your liking, being careful when you get up to the part where it is woven through the start of each side, along the part.

Step 16.  Lay the ends so that they fall along the inner part of the heart at the top and trim the ribbon so that you can hide the ends under the top most cross (X) at the bottom of your original part.

Step 17.  I recommend finding a way to secure the ends in place – I used Glue Dots on mine.  Double sided tape would also work great – or any other creative solution you can think of!

Step 18.  Optional – curl the loose hair that is hanging down to dress this style up a little more.

Corset Braided Heart hairstyle is perfect for women and girls on Valentines Day or an everyday look.

You’re done!  Hope it turns out great for you at home if you try it!  I’d love to see it if you try it and want to share – you can post to my Facebook page or tag me in a photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori – or use hashtag #HBLCorsetBraidedHeart.

Corset Braided HeartCorset Braided HeartCorset Braided Heart


Thanks for reading!  I hope you’ll check back here often for great hairstyle ideas, tutorials, product comparisons and more!

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  1. I love all ur hair stylea I tried the Christmas tree corset hair style turned out good for the first try an I am also going to try the heart one I like trying new braids cause my daughter hair is so long. Thank you for posting them on facebook an the tutorials.

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