Criss-Crossed Loop Braid

Criss Crossed Loop Braid Tieback - such a pretty hairstyle idea!! love this for all ages

I love the cool almost crocheted look at this hairstyle has!  This criss corssed loop braid is a simple variation of a French braid that just incorporates feathering out some pieces and bringing them back into the braid as you go.  It can be a little difficult to keep track of those feathered pieces, but stick with this one and give it a try.  You’ll love the final result!

I’m teaching this on Gracie today to show you how it works on short hair, but this hairstyle can really be done on any hair length.  It’s perfect for all ages too.  I think I’d wear it with some loose curls  on myself and either do a loop braid on both sides or just do the one side, pin it back and let the other side hang down.  You really could wear it however you like!

How to Do a Criss-Crossed Loop Braid

Tools you will need: hairbrush, colored or clear elastic, optional – hairspray,

Time to complete:  5-10 minutes

Skill Level:  Medium

Step 1.  Begin by parting the hair.  Note: I like to braid Gracie’s hair on an angle because it’s so short, this allows me to have a longer braid. You can choose to keep a straight part if you like and do this braid straight back.


Step 2.  At the front, pick up a small section of hair and divide it into 3 equal sized pieces. Bring the left side over the middle then the right side over the middle. I want to pick up all the hair her face so I am adding hair in on the left, but you can choose to not add hair in here on the left side if you don’t want to. Before you move that left strand to the middle, you are going to separate off a very small section of hair and let that hang down by her face. Then braid the left strand to the middle.

Step 3.  On the right, pick up hair to add in and braid that to the middle, just like you would a French braid.

Step 4.  On the left, pick up a section of hair to add in. Before you braid that over to the middle, separate off a very small section of hair and let that hang down, then braid the left strand to the middle.

Step 5.  On the right, pick up hair to add in and braid.

Step 6.  On the left, pull out a small section of hair and let that hang down. Now, take the very first strand that is hanging down and bring it UNDER the next strand and add it in to your left strand. Now pick up hair to add into the left strand. You should still have two small sections that are hanging down above that.

Step 7.  Add hair in on the right and braid.

Step 8.  Take and gently pull on the loop that you just created to make it stand out more.

Step 9.  Pull out another small section of hair from your left stand and let that hang down. Pick up a section of hair to add in to the left strand.

Step 10.  Now take your first hanging section and pull it under the next one and then add it into your left strand. Braid that over the middle.

Step 11.  Add hair in on the right side and braid.

Step 12.  Gently pull on the loops that you have created so far.

Step 13.  Repeat this process, feathering out a small section of hair from the left, adding hair in, and pulling the front hanging piece UNDER the strand next to it and braiding it in.  Braid this way until you have gotten back to the crown of her head, then stop feathering out pieces and simply add back in the hanging pieces, always bringing them UNDER any other hanging sections.

Step 14.  Braid out a few stitches of a regular 3 strand braid and secure with an elastic.

You could do a loop braid on the other side, but because I did a long angled loop braid on Gracie, I am choosing just to pick up the hair on this side and braid a regular 3 strand braid. I secure the two braids together in the back with an elastic. You can finish will a bow or wrap the elastic with a piece of hair for a more polished look if you’d like.

Here’s your final look!

Stunning braid! Love this for little girls, teens and adults alike! In love with this pretty hairstyle! Works great on short or long hair, would be perfect for a back to school hairstyle Love this pretty hairstyle! so intricate looking, great for short or long hair Braided tie back hairstyle - so easy to do and cute! Would be great for back to school

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