Detangling Hair Brushes Face Off

Detangling Hair Brushes Face Off

We used to HATE hair brushing time at our house.  My girls dreaded it.  As I realized my love of braiding and styling hair over the past year, the hate of hairbrushes was even more frustrating than ever.  Last December, I finally had enough and thought that surely there must be a better way!  There must be a solution to this problem!  That led to my post The Search for The Best Hairbrush to Get Out Tangles. 

Since I wrote that post, I had someone suggest that I try another detangling hair brush (which I did – and I loved) and I talked to a few people who said that they hated reading reviews and would much rather watch a review than read it.  So I decided to do an updated post here to include a video review as well as the additional hairbrush that we tried most recently. 

For those of you who prefer to watch rather than read your reviews, here is my YouTube video:


The Brushes We Reviewed

Detangling Hair Brushes Face Off

I’m just going to give a brief summary and link to the brushes on Amazon so that it’s easy for you to find them.  If you want to read a more detailed review of the brushes, you can read my original The Search for The Best Hairbrush to Get Out Tangles post.

The “Wet” Brush – the hands down best brush for wet hair, and my personal favorite on dry hair too.  LOVE IT! It’s the only one that I would recommend on little ones with sensory issues, but is great for those with no issues too.  Find it on Amazon HERE.

Michel Mercier – This “As Seen on TV” brush works well.  I like it to get out really snarled hair.  Nice that it comes in three different versions for different thicknesses of hair.  Find it on Amazon HERE.

Tangle Teezer – Hope’s personal favorite brush, she likes how it makes her hair shine and massages her head without being too scratchy.  It works on the tangles pretty well – better on dry hair than wet.  Find it on Amazon HERE.

Knot Genie – Not my favorite (or, knot my favorite, hehe), but my husband thought it worked well.  Hope thought it was pretty scratch on her head and I agree.  Find it on Amazon HERE.

Crave Naturals – Hope and I’s least favorite, though I did have a reader tell me it worked for her family.  It does have plenty of great reviews on Amazon.  We didn’t like how it felt on our heads and thought the other brushes that we tried all got the tangles out more easily.  Find it on Amazon HERE.

You may also want to check out my post Search for The Best Detangler Spray.  We find that most of the time, the detangling brush on it’s own does the trick.  When it’s bad though, the spray really does help… and for my Gracie (age 3), she likes the mental aspect of having spray to put on and asks for “more magic spray” if it hurts when we are brushing it.  In her case though, spraying some water works about half the time just as well as the detangling spray!  Whatever it takes, it’s nice to find what works for you.

Have you tried any of these brushes?  Have another brush that you love?  I would love to hear about your own experiences and which products YOU prefer, so leave a comment below!

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope you’ll stop back by my site soon!

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