DIY Mixed Fishtail Braid Combo

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I’m pleased to have Jordan guest posting on the blog today.  I know Jordan through the Instagram braiding community.  She posts some of the most beautiful hairstyles to Instagram account @braidsbyjordan.  And she’s just such a sweetheart too!  When I saw that she was doing high quality YouTube tutorials for her gorgeous styles, I knew that I would love to have her guest post on the blog!  

I’m so excited to be a guest on Lori’s blog today, thank you so much Lori!

The tutorial I’m showing you today is a hairstyle that I did a little while ago on my cousin and I decided to try it as a DIY on myself! I’ve been so inspired by all of the different kind of boho combo braids that have been posted on Instagram lately and I wanted to come up with my own. I’m very lucky that my cousin loves doing hair as much as I do and is always willing to be my hair model – plus she has the best braiding hair! I wanted to incorporate one of my favourite braids, the mixed braid (alternating fishtail and 3-strand braid), and this is what I came up with!

Mixed Fishtail Braid Combo 6

I’m calling it the Mixed Fishtail Braid Combo, because it combines mixed braids, fishtail braids and regular 3-strand braids – and well, “3-Strand Tiebacks & Fishtail Tiebacks into Two Alternating Fishtail & 3-Strand Braids Twisted Together” was a bit too long 🙂

This hairstyle works for many different types of hair, just as long as the hair is long enough to reach the back of the head from the front and can braid down the back. My cousin and I both have very different hair types and they both work just as well! Her’s is medium length and pretty thick whereas mine is quite a bit longer but not nearly as thick, it’s fairly thin!

Mixed Fishtail Braid Combo 2

So let’s get started!

Supplies you’ll need: comb/brush, clear baby elastics, bobby pins (optional), hairspray (optional)

Time needed: 20-30 min

Skill Level: Easy – Medium

  1. Comb out the hair so that there are no tangles. The hair should be parted either in the in the centre or off-centre – both works!
  2. Take an about 1 inch section of hair from the front and divide it into 3 pieces to do a regular 3-strand braid. Every few inches, go back and pancake the braid by pulling gently on the edges. Continue the braid until it’s long enough to reach the centre of the back of the head and secure with a clear baby elastic.
  3. Repeat on the other side. 
  4. Take another 1 inch section underneath the first one but this time do a fishtail braid. Divide the section into two and take small pieces over from one side to the other. Every few inches, go back and pancake the braid by pulling gently on the edges. Continue the braid until it’s long enough to reach the centre of the back of the head and secure with a clear baby elastic.
  5. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Take the two 3-strand braids and tie them together with a clear baby elastic at the back in the centre of the head just above ear level and remove their individual elastics.
  7. Hair wrap the elastic by putting two fingers back up through a loop of the elastic and taking a small piece of hair to wrap around the elastic twice. Take the piece of hair with the two fingers and pull it back through the elastic. You may need to loosen the wrapped piece of hair slightly to hide the elastic completely.
  8. Repeat with the two fishtail braids but tie them together about an inch underneath the 3-strands.
  9. Divide the remaining hair into two even sections. Take one of the sections and move it out of the way.
  10. With the first section, do a mixed braid and start with a fishtail. After braiding a few inches, switch to a 3-strand braid. A trick that I use for switching from fishtail to 3-strand is to fishtail a big section of hair from one side so that a third of the hair is left over. Then divide the other side in half so you have three equal pieces.
  11. After a few inches, switch back to a fishtail braid by combining two of the three pieces together so that there are only two sections again. Continue switching back and forth between 3-strand and fishtail until you run out of hair. Don’t forget to go back and pancake the braid as well. At the end of the hair, secure with a clear baby elastic.
  12. Take the remaining section and start another mixed braid but this time start with a 3-strand. Alternate between fishtail and 3-strand so that it’s always opposite to the other braid. Fishtail should always be beside 3-strand. 3-strand should always be beside fishtail, and so on forth. 
  13. Once the second braid is finished and secured, start twisting the braids together. Secure them together with a clear baby elastic. Use a mirror if needed to insure that the braids are laying nicely and to adjust the pancaking. I like to pin the top of the braids together so that I know they won’t fall out. Add hairspray if desired.
  14. Don’t forget to take out the two extra elastics! And that’s it!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Mixed Fishtail Braid Combo Tutorial


Jordan is 17 years old and has recently graduated.  She lives with her family in Canada.  She posts daily hairstyles on her Instagram account @braidsbyjordan.  Jordan does mainly DIY hairstyles on her Instagram page but also has some beautiful styles that she does on others.  You can check out her YouTube channel where she has some other great DIY tutorials.

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