Dutch Mohawk Ponytail with Bobby Pin Star Accent

Star Bobby Pin and Dutch Mohawk Ponytail tutorial - love this hairstyle! So pretty for the 4th of July or year round

If you saw my Accent Star Hairstyle tutorial then you already know this, but I have been trying to find more 4th of July hairstyles that work for older girls and adults.  There are so many great 4th of July hairstyles for little girls, but I wouldn’t wear most of them myself.  I tried out today’s bobby pin star and absolutely loved it, so I knew I had to share it with you!  It’s a perfect subtle accent that is fun for the 4th of July, but I honestly think it’s perfect for year round.  I decided to do a Dutch mohawk ponytail with it because it gives you the perfect spot to do the bobby pin star.  I love the slightly edgy look to this style and hope you do too!

 Love this hairstyle! Wouldn't it be perfect for the 4th of July? Works great year round too Awesome star accent with mohawk ponytail. Love this hairstyle! I'm thinking 4th of July, but would be great year round Mohawk ponytail with cute star accent, love this hairstyle! Such a pretty hairstyle! Great tutorial, gotta try this mohawk ponytail with bobby pin star accent

Tools you will need: hairbrush, clear elastic, ponytail elastic, hairspray, a couple of bobby pins (you won’t see) and then bobby pins that you will see.  I went with silver, but I think it would look great with other colors as well… you could even use nail polish to paint your bobby pins to give you even more color variety.  If you want to paint them, I’d start with white bobby pins. 

Time to complete:  10-15 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy

Step 1.  Begin by sectioning off the hair on the top of your head from the outer edges of your eyebrows straight back to the crown of your head. Temporarily secure the rest of your hair out of the way.

Step 2.  Now take that top section and pick up the hair at the very front of it. Divide that into 3 pieces. Take the left piece and move it under the middle, then move the right piece under the middle. On the left, pick up a small section of hair to add in to the braid, then move that and the left piece under the middle. On the right, pick up a small section of hair, add that in and move it under the middle strand. Continue with this process, adding in hair to the outer pieces and moving them under the middle strand.  This is called a Dutch braid.  If you need a more detailed tutorial on this process, I have one here

Step 3.  Once you run out of hair to add in, hold the braid in one hand. With your other hand, gently pinch and pull the edges of your braid to make it look more full. I like to start by doing one side and then the other. Then secure your braid with an elastic. If you’d like, you can spray the braid with hairspray and go back and pull on the edges some more until it is to your liking.

Step 4.  Let down the remainder of your hair, smooth it out, and pull all of your hair along with the end of your braid up into a high ponytail. Take a small piece of hair from the bottom of your ponytail, wrap it around your elastic, and then pin it in place.

Step 5.  Next take one of your bobby pins and begin your star on the side of your head, close to your face.  Start with the top point, interlocking two bobby pins at the top. Next, slide a bobby pin across those two, like you’re making the letter A.  Interlock another bobby pin with that pin and bring it down at an angle to end at the bottom point. Each time you add a pin, you will need to gently push on the pins and adjust them to make sure you are keeping your points. Finally, slide the last pin in to complete the star.

This gives you a cute look and you could stop here, or you could continue on to add a few more accent bobby pins.

Just behind where the star lies, add a bobby pin in at an angle. Then interlock another bobby pin with that, forming about a 45 degree angle. This can be tricky to get it to lie right, so grab a mirror and adjust each pin as you go.

Add two more bobby pins at angles just behind that to complete your look. I think it gives it almost a shooting star effect!

You’re done! 






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