Elastic Spider Web Hairstyle

Elastic Spider Web Hairstyle - this is so cute and easy! Great for short hair and long hair, love it!

I can’t believe that we are already at the end of October!  This year has just flown by.  We have one last fun Halloween hairstyle to share with you – this adorable elastic spider web hairstyle! 

I have had many moms tell me that they struggle with coming up with cute hairstyles for short hair.  I went with this elastic style today because it is perfect on short hair, as you can see here on Gracie, but it really does work perfectly on all hair lengths.  There are so many fun things that you can do with short hair, and holiday styles are no exception!

This hairstyle was inspired by the fabulous IG @brownhairedbliss.

Let’s get to how to do this easy elastic spider web hairstyle!

Supplies you’ll need: hairbrush, comb, a lot of elastics (we chose black but you could use colors), clip for temporarily securing hair out of the way, and a spider or two – we went with these plastic spider rings, but you could use other plastic spiders. These glow in dark spiders would be super fun!

Time: 5-10 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy

Step 1.  Start by brushing the hair out, creating a deep part to one side (I went with the left side) and optional – spray the hair down with a water bottle to make it easier to work with.


Step 2.  Take your comb and create a part a couple of inches back from the face at an angle from your original deep part, so that you are taking your spider web out at an angle on one side of the head.  Secure that front section you just parted off with an elastic.

Step 3.  Take your comb and create another part parallel to the part just sectioned off in the last step.  Divide this section in two, clipping the bottom section temporarily out of the way.  Take the hair from your front ponytail, divide it in two, and take one of the halves and pull into the section you have just created and secure it all together with an elastic.  

Step 4.  Take the hair that you temporarily secured out of the way and the remaining hair from the front ponytail and secure it all together with an elastic.

Step 5.   Repeat the process you’ve just done in steps 3 & 4 – creating 3 ponytails in the third row and 4 ponytails in the fourth row.

Step 6.  Add your spider.  If you are using a plastic spider ring like we did, gently push on the ring part to bend it so that it won’t stick out so far from the head when you add the spider.  Then open the ring up, place the spider against the head and gently push the bottom ring part back together as much as you can.

You’re done! 

Elastic spider web hairstyle - so fun and easy to do. Great for short and long hair. Would work for crazy hair day even Elastic Spider Web Hairstyle - great Halloween hairstyle for short and long hair - so fun and easy! This would be great for crazy hair day too!

I did the spider web hairstyle pictured above on two different days – just ironic she’s wearing the same shirt for both LOL!  I swear she owns more than one shirt 😉

We really do love this hairstyle and hope that you do too!  It’s something you can do any time of the year, just leave off the spiders and add fun colored elastics.  I find that elastic styles like this are especially great for little ones that have baby fine hair that likes to slip out half way through the day.  This style will hold up well for sports and other activities for all hair types!  You could even leave the spiders in and wear it for crazy hair day at school!

I hope you’ll give this elastic spider web hairstyle a try!  I’d love to see how it turns out for you if do it and want to share.  You can share it on my Facebook page, tag me in your photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori or use hashtag#HBLElasticSpiderWeb so I can find it – and it might end up featured on my page then!

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you’ll come back soon!

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