Fancy Side Ponytail Style

Video Tutorial: Fancy Side Pony. Quick every day style for all ages. Curl hair to dress it up even more.

Sometimes the best styles come from just starting out a style without any idea in mind.  That was the case with this Fancy Side Ponytail.  I needed a style to post on my Instagram page (I post there daily, tutorial or not) so I just started and this was where I wound up!  I loved it and so did everyone else, and as I had quite a few requests for a tutorial – here it is! 

This style could more technically be called “Double lace 4 strand braids into a side hair wrapped ponytail with curls”, but that’s just a tad bit long lol, so I’ve named this one the Fancy Side Ponytail.  You could mix up the style and use a braid other than a 4 strand if you’d like.  I really like how delicate it looks though, so it’s my personal preference.

Let’s get started on how to do this beautiful style!


Supplies you’ll need: hairbrush, 3 small elastics, alligator clip or ponytail holder to secure hair out of the way, heat protectant, curling wand and hairspray if you’d like.

Step 1.  Brush hair out and part to the right side of the head (can part to the left if you prefer and you can work this tutorial the other way)

Step 2.  Section off hair by the bottom of her head along her neck, parting straight across the back from top of ear to top of other ear.  Secure the rest of the hair from the top of her head out of the way so that you can braid the hair you just sectioned off.

Step 3.  Take a small section of hair from just behind her right ear and divide it into 4 sections.

Step 4.  Braid this as a 4 strand lace braid – starting at the bottom closest to her neck, take that strand over the strand above it, under the next strand and over the last strand.  Then switch the middle two strands (top one comes down over the one below it when you switch them). 

Step 5.  Add in hair to the bottom most strand and repeat step 4.

Step 6.  Repeat steps 4 & 5 until you run out of hair then braid out a few more inches of your 4 strand braid then secure with an elastic.

Step 7.  Section off a section from her top part line down to her ear, the section should be a coupe of inches back from her face.  Secure the rest of the hair out of your way.

Step 8.  Braid this hair in a lace 4 strand braid as described in steps 4-6 – making sure you start the braid with the strand closest to her face and continue adding hair into the strand that is closest to her face as you go. 

Step 9.  Brush out the hair that was secured out of the way, taking care not to brush your braids that you’ve already done.

Step 10.  Pull that remaining unbraided hair into a side ponytail where the two braids meet.

Step 11.  Wrap your 4 strand braids around the ponytail in opposite directions and then lift your ponytail in half and secure the two ends of your braids together in the middle of the ponytail so that it hides the elastic.

Step 12.  Using a heat protectant, curl the hair in the ponytail. 

Step 13.  Tuck the elastic back in if you need, pin the 4 strand braids to cover your ponytail elastic if needed, and add hairspray if you’d like.

Video Tutorial: Fancy Side Pony. Quick every day style for all ages. Curl hair to dress it up even more.

You’re done! 

Fancy Side Ponytail - tutorial by Fancy Side Ponytail - tutorial by

This would be such a lovely style for prom or a wedding but it could also be worn for less formal styles too.  I just love how elegant and delicate the braid is in it! 

I hope that you’ll give this Fancy Side Ponytail style a try!  If you do, I would love to see how it turns out for you!   You can share it on my Facebook page, tag me in your photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori or use hashtag #HBLFancySidePony so that I can find it.

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope that you’ll come back soon.

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