French 4 Strand Ribbon Braid

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The Four Strand Ribbon Braid Is A Fun Hairstyle For Women and Girls To Add Extra Color and Pizzazz to your look.

The 4 strand ribbon braid is one of my favorite braids ever.  No matter how many new, complicated braids and I styles I learn, I’m always coming back to this one.  It’s just so simple!  And different!  And beautiful!  And I love that I can pick out a ribbon to braid with to match an outfit or to go with a special occassion – one with hearts for Valentine’s Day, one with four leaf clovers for St. Patrick’s Day, or ribbon with your country’s colors on it for the next national holiday, for example.  Can you tell that I’m enthusiastic about this one?!

It’s one that makes people stop and stare because you don’t see it every day.  But it’s easy enough that you could do it every day!  If you can do a French braid, you can do this style!

Supplies you’ll need:  Brush, clear elastic, piece of ribbon that is at least a few inches longer than the hair you are braiding it into (you’d rather have too much ribbon and trim it down at the end than not have enough and not be able to finish the braid!)

Step 1.  Gather a section of hair at the top center of the head and tie the end of your ribbon around it.

Step 2.  Gather another section of hair, equal in size, from the left of the hair in Step 1.

Step 3.  Gather another section of hair, equal in size, from the right of the hair in Step 1.

From left to right, you have your four strands that you will be braiding:  hair 1, hair 2, ribbon, hair 4

Step 4.  Starting at the left – –  Take hair 1 over hair 2, under ribbon, over hair 4, then switch your two middle strands (hair 4 and ribbon).  This is one completed stitch.

Step 5.  Add hair into the left most piece of hair you are holding, then take it over the strand next to it, under the ribbon, over the last strand.  Add hair from the right side of the head into the last strand that you just crossed over, then switch your two middle strands again so that you are holding (left to right) hair, hair, ribbon, hair.

Step 6.  Repeat step 5 all the way down until you can’t add in any more hair.

Step 7.  Finish out the rest of your braid — (left to right) over, under, over, under, switch 2 middle strands… I say that out loud as I braid to help me remember what I’m doing

Step 8.  Pancake the braid if you like – pull on the outside edge of each stitch to make the braid look more full.  Secure with an elastic.  If you’d like, tie a bow around the bottom with some additional ribbon.

4 Strand Ribbon BraidFrench 4 Strand Ribbon Braid

You’re done!  If you didn’t get the style just by reading this, I hope that you will watch the video.  Once you’ve got the style down, it’s a fast and easy style to do.  Hope it turns out great for you at home if you try it!  I’d love to see it if you try it and want to share – you can post it on my Facebook page or tag me in a photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori,  or use hashtag #HBLFrench4StrandRibbonBraid.


The Four Strand Ribbon Braid Is A Fun Hairstyle For Women and Girls To Add Extra Color and Pizzazz to your look. I hope you’ll stop back by my blog soon – I post new tutorials every Thursday!

Thanks for reading!

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