French Braid with Microbraids

Love this gorgeous hairstyle! Such a great way to spice up a French braid

I first tried out today’s French braid with microbraid style on day 1 of this year’s 30 day braiding challenge – 30 Days New Braids.  I absolutely love a simple French braid.  It’s elegant looking while being durable enough for sports and other activities.  A classic French braid will always be one of my favorite hairstyles!  However, while 30 Days New Braids challenges people to try new braiding technique, it also challenges you to try using braiding techniques that you already know but in a new way.  So on day 1 of the challenge I decided to try spicing up my classic French braid by braiding in some little microbraids. 

Love this easy way to spice up a classic French braid! Such a pretty hairstyle for all ages  

I fell in love with the result!  It’s such a simple little addition to this hairstyle, but it really makes it pop and stand out.  Like the classic French braid, I think this version with microbraids would be pretty on all ages and work for all different occasions. 

I had many requests for a tutorial on this one when I first posted, so here is the promised tutorial on it.

How to do a French Braid with Microbraids

Tools you will need: hairbrush, a few clear elastics 

Time to complete: 10-15 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy

Step 1.  Begin by separating out a section of hair at the front top of the head, secure that out of the way temporarily.

Step 2.  Behind that, by the crown of the head in the very center, we are going to pick up a small section of hair – about 2 inches wide by one inch. Braid that into a regular 3 strand braid and then secure it with an elastic.

Step 3.  Pick up another small section of hair directly underneath the first braid. It should be the same size, about 2 inches by 1 inch. Braid that into a regular 3 strand braid and secure with an elastic.

Step 4.  Now we are going to do one more small microbraid. Pick up another small section of hair underneath the last two. It again should be the same size. Braid it out in a 3 strand braid and secure with an elastic.

Now to begin the French braid!

Step 5.  Pick up the section of hair that we left out by the face. Divide that into 3 equal parts and do one stitch of a regular braid. Now on the left, pick up a section of hair to add into the braid. Bring that over the middle strand. Take and pick up your top microbraid and bring it around and over to lay on top of that left section. On the right side, pick up a section of hair to add into the braid.

Step 6.  Back on the left side, pick up another section of hair to add in. Braid that over the middle section. Again come under and pick up your next microbraid. Take that around the left side and lay it over that left section you just braided.  On the right side, add in hair and braid.

Step 7.  Back on the left side, add in hair again. Take that last microbraid and move that over the left, adding it to the section you just braided.

Step 8.  Continue to braid, adding hair in as you go and taking care to make sure that the microbraids are laying on top each stitch.  If you are having trouble with this, my best advice is for you to braid over the loose hair first and then move the microbraid over each time as you go. This ensures they don’t get lost in the mix and end up buried in hair.  Then as you go, you can go back and gently tug on the microbraids in the stitches above to make sure that they continue to lay on top of the braid.

Step 9.  Braid this all the way out and then secure it with an elastic.  Now go back up your braid and gently pinch and pull the edges of your braid to pancake your braid and make it a look more full.

You’re done! 

Beautiful French braid with microbraids. Such a simple way to spice up a French braid! Love this hairstyle! Such an easy way to spice up a French braid. Great tutorial! French braid with microbraids. So easy and pretty!

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Step by step how to  French braid with microbraids.  Full instructions and video tutorial on

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