Heart Accented French Braid – Valentine’s Day Hairstyle

I absolutely love heart hairstyles on my girls.  Heart braids make for a great Valentine’s Day hairstyle – obviously –  but I really think that they can be worn year round.  Heart hairstyles are just so sweet and girly!  I have done them quite a few different ways over the years now.  Some have been over the top and in your face, and some have been simple and subtle.  I think that today’s style falls somewhere in the middle of that range – it’s not overly complicated and it is somewhat subtle.  If you can French braid, then you’ll have no problem with today’s style.  {And if you can’t French braid – give it a try!  Practice makes perfect 🙂 }

Heart Accented French Braid - love this idea for a Valentine's Day hairstyle!

How To Do a Heart Accented French Braid – Valentine’s Day Hairstyle:

Tools you will need: hairbrush, a few clear elastics, topsy tail and cute accessory (optional)

Time to complete: 10-15 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy

Step 1.  Begin by doing a French braid starting at the front of the head – detailed instructions for a French braid here.

Step 2.  When you get back to just above the ears, stop adding hair in and secure the braid with an elastic.  **If your little one has thick hair, then I recommend doubling up on the elastics here.

Step 3.  Slide a topsy tail up through the bottom of the braid.

Step 4.  Take hair from the top of the ponytail and create two little 3 strand braids, securing both with an elastic.

Step 5.  Take the two 3 strand braids and pull them down around the ponytail, tucking the ends through the loop of the topsy tail.

Step 6.  Gently pull the end of the topsy tail so that it pulls the two 3 strand braids up through (be sure you don’t pull through any other loose hair).

Step 7.  Secure the ends of the two braids  with an elastic down under the ponytail, forming a heart shape.

Step 8.  Pick up the hair in the ponytail, divide it into three equal parts and continue with your French braid, braiding all the way down.

Step 9.  Secure the braid with an elastic, finish with a cute elastic and hairspray if you would like.

You’re done!

Step by step instructions for the heart accented French braid - adorable Valetine's Day hairstyle for little girls!

French braids are always one of my favorite styles – and now here is a fun way to dress it up and give you a hairstyle that is perfect for Valentine’s Day!
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