How to Get Perfect Curls (that won’t fall out)

How to Get Perfect Curls that won't fall out

I have always struggled with curling hair… or at least curling hair and having it stay in place.  The problem for me – the tools I was using.  My traditional curling iron just didn’t work for me!  I’d spend over a half hour curling my hair, only to have the curls fall out in less time than they took to do.  How frustrating!! 

Last summer I bought a curling wand.  Let me just say – I WILL NEVER GO BACK!  I will never go back to using my curling iron again.  My wand curls my hair faster, gives me beautiful curls, and the curls last so much longer!  My hair will have the curl last (not perfect like day one, but still a nice, wavy curl) until I wash it next, usually 2-3 days for me.

I know that I’m not the only one out there that struggles with curls!  After a few requests for information on how I do mine, I thought I’d write a post so that I could share my tips and tricks with all on how to get perfect curls — that last!

The Proper Tools

To get any job done right, you have to have the right tools!

Tool Science WandTool Science Wand

I use this Tool Science curling wand set myself.  It’s inexpensive but works great!  It features three different interchangeable barrels:  1″ Tapered Wand, 1/2″ Oval Ribbon Wand and 3/4″ Wand.  I usually use the 1” tapered wand.  This set includes a thermal pouch so you can keep your tools organized. 

It does not include heat resistant gloves though, so you may want to pick those up.  I know I burned myself a few times learning to use mine!

The Tool Science wand set can be found on Amazon for $59.99 from Sally’s Beauty Supply or you can pick it up in store at your local Sally’s.

Nume Wands

Nume 25 mm Nume is one of the biggest and supposedly best brands when it comes to curling wands.  Almost every big beauty/hair blogger that I’ve checked out uses this brand.  They all rave about it!

I have not personally tried it yet.  For one, I’d already picked up my Tool Science one and that’s worked great for me.  Nume is also more expensive and I’ve seen some mixed reviews on them.  Some people seem to have had problems with them dying within the first 6 months and were mad that they had to pay shipping and a replacement fee to get another Nume product of their choice.  I’d guess that it’s not a huge percentage of people that buy them that have problems, but there were a few vocal ones on Amazon!  Despite the reviews, I do plan on trying one sometime in the future just to see the difference and so I can give a definitive recommendation one way or the other for you guys.

The Nume 25MM Curling Wand can be found on Amazon for $72.49 or on Nume’s site for $140.

Nume Nume also has a set with multiple barrels, pictured here.  You can find it on their website for $205 or on Amazon for slightly less.

Again, I’ve heard rave reviews from beauty bloggers, read a few bad reviews on Amazon, but I have no personal experience with it yet.

Heat Protectant Spray

Heat protectant

It’s a great idea to use heat protectant spray when you are using a wand – or any heat on your hair.  This will help prevent breakage and damage to your hair.  It’s especially important with a wand because they get super hot!  It won’t hinder your curl and will help make sure that you hair stays looking healthy and fabulous.

The heat spray pictured here is the Nexxus Heat Protexx spray, found on Amazon for $15.69.  There are more inexpensive options too like  Vidal Sassoon spray for $4.39 on Amazon.  You can also pick up some heat protectant spray at your local beauty supply or drug store.


The Proper Technique – plus tips & tricks!

Now that you’ve got the right tools to do the job, let’s talk about how to get those perfect curls.  It really is pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it.  With a little practice, I’ve found that I can do my whole head in about 10 minutes. 

Why is it faster? 

Wands heat up really hot and so you don’t have to hold them for too long.  You don’t have to fiddle with trying to get the clamp down on it perfect so that the ends aren’t funky.  And finally,  you are at a great advantage by curling your hair starting at the roots and then going down to the end (vs. ends to root like a traditional curling iron) – think about when you use your traditional curling iron.  The ends stay but the weight of the hair pulls the curls out so quickly.  By starting at the root, you are giving it just a little extra time to hold that curl where it needs it more since the ends have no problem staying curled.

How to Use Your Wand


Here is a video from Donna aka Braidsandstyles12.  I watched her video when I was learning how to do wand curls.  She teaches you how to do perfect, GORGEOUS spiral curls.  I’ll also explain how you can get softer, bigger curls, which is much faster than spiral curls and great for wearing everyday.

Wand Curling Tips & Tricks

  • For tight, perfect curls – use smaller sections of hair.  For a softer, bigger curl – use larger sections of hair.  I find 1 to 2 inch sections work the best for me for my every day styling.  I like the softer look it gives me plus its much quicker!
  • Alternate the direction of that you are curling (one section away from your face, one towards, etc) if you’d like more defined curls. 
  • Curling all of the curls in the same direction will give you more of a cool wavy look.
  • No matter if you are curling all the same direction or alternating, always curl the sections closest to your face back away from  your face.
  • If your hair does not hold curls easily or if you’d like to ensure that they last you more than a day, you can set your curls.  Slide the curl off the wand so that it hold’s its curled form (or use your fingers, wrap the hair around them so that it’s curled) and pin it to your head using a duckbill clip.  You can use bobby pins if you don’t have the duckbill clips, but the duckbills work the best.  Keep it pinned to your head until the curl has completely curled.  This will ensure that your curls last you for days! (This tip helps even if you just use your traditional curling iron.)
  • To soften your look, gently brush through the curls when you are all done using either your fingers or a brush.  It gives you such a pretty look!
  • If you are going for a looser, bigger curl – go ahead and leave out the bottom inch or so of your hair when you are curling it.  This can help the curls to lay nicely.
Wand curls
Made with my 1 inch tapered barrel Tool Science wand.
Made with my 1 inch tapered barrel Tool Science wand then gently brushed with my fingers.


Corset heart and curls
Made with my 3/4 inch Tool Science barrel attachment.
Made with my 1 inch tapered barrel Tool Science wand using 1 inch sections, heat not held long, then brushed with fingers to soften look.
4 strand halo braid
Make with my tappered attachment, curled in the same direction, for a soft wavy look
curls and 5 strand ribbon braided crown
Made with my 1 inch tapered barrel Tool Science wand and smaller sections of hair for tighter spiral curls.


I hope you found this helpful! Happy styling and thank you so much for reading!

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