How to Make the Perfect Hair Bow

How to make the PERFECT Hair Bow hairstyle!

I am so very excited for today’s tutorial!  This is a guest post by a very talented braider and hair stylist named Beth from Sweethearts Hair Design. 

The hair bow is such a sweet style that you are sure to love!  It’s easier than you might think.  Let’s get to the tutorial.

Supplies you’ll need:  hairbrush, ponytail holder, small elastic, clip, curling wand or iron, bobby pins.


Step 1.  Put the hair into a ponytail

Step 2.  Divide a small section out from the very centre of the ponytail and then clip it up and out of the way.

Step 3.  Divide the pony into two and use a hair wand or curling iron to curl the hair on each side away from the centre of the ponytail.  You may have to curl multiple sections on each side to get it all curled nicely.  

Step 4.  Once the hair is all curled on either side, start on one side and gently backcomb the inside section of the hair just where the bow will be, so about 3-4 inches out from the ponytail.  You may need to back comb a few layers on each side.  Then take your comb and smooth the visible side gently if needed.

Step 5.  Roll up the curled hair to create the ‘Bow’ part of the style. Leave out the ends of the curls as the ‘ribbon’ part.

Step 6.  Secure with bobby pins.

Step 7.  Now take the small section that you secured out of the way at the start and braid it down far enough to cover the very centre of your bow then secure it with an elastic, then take a bobby pin and pin it so that it lays over the centre of the  bow. Roll up the loose ends of that braid and tuck it up inside the bow to hide it. Again, secure with bobby pins.

And that’s it!  You have your hair bow hairstyle.

Beth x

Step by step - how to make the perfect hair bow hairstyle for girls

download Beth Belshaw is a mother of two who shares a passion for hair and inspires all with her beautiful styles.  You can find more tutorials by Beth on her YouTube channel here. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram for daily braid inspiration.  If you are from the UK – make sure you check out her website here and learn about the services that she offers.

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