How to Remove Hair Elastics

How to Remove Hair Elastics - Pain Free and Safely - such great tips all moms should know!

I love doing hairstyles on my girls that require the little plastic elastics – but I’ll be honest, I used to hate hairstyles like that!

The reason I hated elastic hairstyles was because my girls hated them.   My girls hated them because they hated when I had to take the elastics out.  It hurts!  Those little elastics get wrapped around all of their little baby hairs, they get tangled, and it is a pain to try to take them out.  So we avoided elastic hairstyles because it wasn’t worth the fight. 

Thankfully, I finally came to my senses and looked for a better solution than avoidance!

Elastic hairstyles are great, especially on little ones with baby fine hair that tends to slip out of hairstyles before the end of the day.  The little elastics help hold a style in nicely all day long.  Plus, there are so many cute hairstyles that can be done using the little plastic elastics! 

I finally realized that my mistake was in trying to take the elastics out so that I could save them and reuse them. 

They cost fractions of a cent each, and while I don’t like to be wasteful, it just isn’t worth the pain and fight that comes with trying to take them out of the hair in one piece.  Once I decided that I would cut out elastics, our hair styling life got much easier here!  I want to share with you some of the tools that I have found handy for how to remove hair elastics.  I hope that this will help make your hair life a little happier too!

Before I get to the different tools thought – Safety first!  With any of these tools, there is the risk of cutting the hair along with the elastic.  Take your time and use caution with all of these, or else you will end up with an unintended trim or little bald spot.  Don’t be afraid though, with a little patience and care, these tools can all be used effectively to remove elastics without cutting the hair.  My biggest tips – take your time and pull the elastic up away from the hair a little bit so that you can grab just the elastic with your tool before you cut it. 

Elastic Cutter Comb

Elastic Cutter Comb

This elastic cutter comb made by Gimme Style has come in so handy!  We have bought a few of them and keep them in different places in our house where we like to do hair.  I demonstrate how to use it in the video below.  You can find them on Amazon HERE and I’ve also heard of some people finding them at Walgreens stores. 

Other Tools to Remove Hair Elastics

4 other tools to remove hair elastics

If you don’t have the handy elastic cutter comb, you can try out these other items that you may have around the house:

1.  Nail clippers, either baby sized or regular sized, work great to get the elastics out. 

2.  Cuticle Cutter or a similar looking tool for cutting toe nails (see here).

3.  Facial Hair Scissors – these are designed for trimming beards, nose and ear hairs and have rounded tips with blades that curve away from the skin. 

4.  Seam Ripper – Many sewing kits have this, it’s an inexpensive option for cutting the elastics.

I tend to avoid bigger scissors because there is more room for error and mishap there!  These little tools are safer and make me feel more confident when I go to cut the elastics out.  Another great option to have around is a handy manicure set, like the one pictured below.


I found the manicure/nail care set pictured above on Amazon (you can find it for yourself here).  A set like this is inexpensive and gives you multiple tools that you can use to cut the elastics out.  I know that we are always misplacing little things like this (maybe they run away with the little fairy that steals the socks and bobby pins in every house?!  Lol), so having a set with back up tools is always nice to have. 

I hope that you found this post helpful!  If you try any of these methods out, or if you have any secrets to taking hair elastics out, I hope you’ll connect with me and let me know!  You can share it on my Facebook page, tag me in a photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori or send me a Tweet!

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you’ll come back soon!

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