Knotted Half Up Style

The Knotted Half Up Hairstyle Tutorial

While I love fancy and complicated styles, let’s be honest, they aren’t always practical!  Whether you’re a mom like me or not – life gets busy and we all need quick hairstyles that still look great.  This knotted half up hairstyle is perfect for busy days when you only have a couple of minutes to do your hair… it literally only takes about 2 minutes!  I love it!

I think that this style would be perfect for work, school, date night or really any occassion.  It would even make a beautiful style for a formal event just by adding some soft curls.

Let’s get started on how to do the knotted half up hairstyle.

Supplies you’ll need: hairbrush, either a small elastic or a Lilla Rose flexi clip

Time Needed:  2 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy

Step 1.  Start by brushing your hair out.  Then take a small section from the top center of your head, but not so that the section of hair reaches to your hairline.
Step 2.  Take the section and tie a simple knot, as if you were going to begin tying your shoes.
Step 3.  Add in a section of hair to each side and tie another knot.  Repeat this process one more time for a third knot.
Step 4.  Take an elastic, barrette or an extra small flexi clip (or the size appropriate to your own hair thickness) and secure your knotted braid in place.
You’re done!
You can go back and smooth the sides with a comb if you need to or finish with hairspray if you’d like.  This style is great on first or second day hair. 

While you can finish it with an elastic, barrette, bobby pins, etc –  I really do love flexi clips from my Lilla Rose store the best.  They are quick to put in and take out, plus the clips are beautiful and comfortable to wear.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the Lilla Rose products or if there is any way that I can help you. 

I hope that you’ll give this easy knotted half updo a try!  If you do try this style and want to share a photo, I would love to see.  You can post it to my Facebook page or tag me in a photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori or just use the hashtag #HBLKnottedHalfUp so that I can find it.  Plus, photos with that hashtag will show up on this page below 🙂

Thanks for reading!  I hope you come back by my site again soon!

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