Lace Mermaid Braid Side Ponytail

The Lace Mermaid Braid Side Ponytail tutorial - you won't believe how easy this is to do!

Braided ponytails are always a compromise hairstyle for Hope and I.  When she isn’t in the mood for me to do a complicated style, we always can agree on a braided ponytail.  They are (almost always) quick to do and hold up great for playing.

I was playing around with Hope’s hair one day and wound up with this style.  It was love at first sight!  This lace mermaid braid side ponytail was so easy to do, but yet looked so intricate and delicate.  This style is going to be one that I pull out often on our ponytail compromise days! 

Lace Mermaid Braid Side Ponytail - this is so easy and beautiful!

As soon as I was done with this style, I knew that I would need to do a tutorial for it.  I posted the above photo on my social media and everyone agreed, they wanted to know how to do it too!  So here it is, my lace mermaid braid side ponytail tutorial.

Tools you will need: hairbrush, ponytail elastic, clear elastic, and (optional) hairspray

Time to complete:  7-10 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy

Step 1.  Begin by sectioning off a small section of hair above the right ear.  Then section off a very thin section of hair across the base of the neck.  Pull the remainder of the hair into a high side ponytail.

Step 2.  Pick up the section of hair by the ear, divide it into 3 pieces and begin with one stitch of a regular 3 strand braid. Now when you come to braid the lower piece, add in a very small section of hair from the hair you left out by the neck.

Step 3.  Continue braiding across the back of the head in this manner, adding a very small piece of hair in only on the lower side of your braid.  As you go, be sure to direct the braid towards your ponytail.  

Step 4.  Once you have run out of hair to add in to your braid, continue braiding out a regular 3 strand braid.  Take that braid and wrap it around your ponytail a time or two, then pull it through your elastic.  This can be done with your fingers or more easily with a topsy tail

Step 5.  Pick up a small section of hair at the top left side of your ponytail.  Divide it into 3 sections and begin to braid.  When you get to the right side of the braid, add in a small section of hair from just behind the right side of your ponytail.  Continue braiding like this, adding in hair only on the right side as you go.  I like to hold the braid out to the left, a little bit away from the ponytail. 

Step 6.  Once you have braided all the way down, you may want to gently tug on the sections that you added in to make them stand out more.  Gather the braid and the hair from the ponytail together and secure with an elastic. 

You’re done!  You can finish with hairspray if you’d like or add a bow or accessory to the top of the ponytail. 

If you are in a rush, try just adding the lace mermaid braid across the back of the head and leave a regular ponytail or put the hair into a bun. 

I hope that you love this lace mermaid braid side ponytail as much as Hope & I do!  If you try it out and want to share, I would LOVE to see!  You can share it on my Facebook page or tag me in your photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori.  Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you’ll come back to my site again soon!

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