Laced Ribbon Braid

Video Tutorial: Lace Ribbon Braid is so fun for all ages! Switch up the colors for sports, school, or holiday.

I have done this laced ribbon braid hairstyle a few times and I just love it!  We first did it with white ribbon when we were going for a sort of angelic look.  It came out beautifully.  But then later that day, my daughter Hope wore the laced ribbon braid to tennis practice and it held up perfectly!  I realized that this is a great pretty style, but also a practical style that will stay in well for sports or other activities.  Win-win!

Let’s get started on how to do the Laced Ribbon Braid.

Supplies you’ll need:  3 small elastics, 3 pieces of ribbon** that is a few inches longer than the hair you are braiding, hairbrush and optional – plastic crafting needles. 

**Note – I chose to use 2 pieces of ribbon that were the same width and a third that was thinner than the first two, but you could do it differently and it should turn out just fine.  I also chose to use the same color ribbon for all 3 pieces, but you could chose to do different colors if you’d like.

Step 1.  Brush the hair out and part it as you like. 

Step 2.  Pick up a small section of hair to the left of her part line by her face, divide the hair into 3 sections, then tie the end of one of your pieces of ribbon around that middle section.  This will give you 4 strands to braid – hair, hair, ribbon, hair.

Step 3.  Take the hair closest to her face, go over the hair next to it, under the ribbon, then over the last section of hair.  Switch the places of the hair and the ribbon in the center of your braid so that you again have (from face going back) – hair, hair, ribbon, hair.

Step 4.  Add hair to the section of hair closest to her face, then repeat step 3.  You will only add hair to the section closest to her face/hairline each time (making this a lace braid rather than a French braid) and you want to make sure you keep the braid close to her hairline as you braid.

Step 5.  Repeat steps 4 & 5 until you have braided down to the center of her neck, then continue braiding out a 4 strand ribbon braid by following step 3 until you run out of hair to braid.  Secure with an elastic.

Step 6.  Repeat steps 2-5 on the other side of her head and braid until all the remaining hair is braided.

Step 7.  Take your remaining piece of ribbon (for me, I saved the thinner piece for this part).  If you have crafting needles, tie the ends of the ribbon onto to crafting needles.  Lie your two ribbon braids that you have completed next to each other and look at where they start to come together.  Pick up the ribbon from the left and weave one side of your 3rd piece of ribbon through that and then go directly across to the other ribbon braid on the right, gently pick up the ribbon on that side and weave the other end of your 3rd piece of ribbon through that point.

Step 8.  Pull the 3rd piece of ribbon so that it’s ends are hanging down evenly on both sides, then cross them and continue to weave the ends of it through each stitch of the ribbon braids that you have already completed – it should look like you are lacing up a shoe.  Continue crossing and lacing it all the way down until the braids are entirely laced together and then secure with an elastic.  You may tie the ribbon around it and into a bow or just trim the extra ribbon if you’d prefer. 

Video Tutorial: Lace Ribbon Braid is so fun for all ages! Switch up the colors for sports, school, or holiday.

You’re done! 

Laced Ribbon Braid - tutorial by Laced Ribbon Braid - tutorial by Laced Ribbon Braid - tutorial by 

I think that this style is just so beautiful, but I love that it holds up so well too!  The photo above of it done with red ribbon was done for Hope’s softball game and it worked great under her helmet and hat — and she got so many compliments!  I love seeing her face light up when someone tells her that her hair looks nice. 

I hope that you’ll give this Laced Ribbon braid a try!  If you do, I would love to see how it turns out for you!   You can share it on my Facebook page, tag me in your photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori or use hashtag #HBLLacedRibbonBraid so that I can find it.

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope that you’ll come back soon.

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