Heart Ponytail Pictorial

Heart Ponytail Pictorial

I’ve written about the amazing braiding community on Instagram {read here}.  It’s a wonderful place that is so special to me.  It’s a place where I get inspired every day and “meet” with others who share my passion for hair.  Pretty cool, huh?!  I think so!

When I first joined Instagram with my hair account (@hair_by_lori), I remember the first big braiding account that ever liked and commented on my photos – It was @ice_braids, an account run by an amazing braider named Tamara from The Netherlands.  Her kind words and support meant so much to me as I was starting my hair journey.

I am so very pleased to bring your my first ever guest post, and even more delighted that it is written by Tamara.

How To:  Heart Ponytail Hairstyle

I just made this ponytail up on a morning with very little time, so it is perfect for a school-going day!
And also very important, this one is a great base for lots of other braids as well.  Be creative with this and have fun!

Step 1. Heart Ponytail

1. Start with a (high) ponytail.

Step 2. Heart Ponytail

2. Put your topsy tail under the elastic. (if you don’t have one, you can do steps 2/3/4 with your fingers)

Step 3. Heart Ponytail
3. Take a piece of hair from under the ponytail. Make sure it’s thick enough for two braids. Put this through the loop of your topsy tail.

Step 4. Heart Ponytail
4. Pull the topsy tail upwards so the piece of hair comes out on top.

Step 5. Heart Ponytail
5. Divide the piece of hair in two, and braid each part (you can go many different ways with this, normal 3 strand, pancake the outher side, add ribbon or more strands, let your creativity go!)


Step 6. Heart Ponytail
6. Combine the two braids under the ponytail and secure with a rubber band. If you find you heart isn’t shaped enough, you can add some tiny bobbypins.

Step 7. Heart Ponytail

7. Hide the ends by pulling them back in the ponytail (with your topsy tail) if you leave the ponytail hair hanging loose.  If you decide to braid the ponytail, you can take the ends into the braid.

Have fun recreating this, I would love to see them on Instagram (@ice_braids) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Icebraids)
Don’t forget to tag it to #ib_heartponytail

*Happy Braiding*


Heart Ponytail - Ice Braids Heart Ponytail - Ice Braids

A huge thank you to Tamara for sharing her talent with the world and with my blog here!  You can find Ice Braids on Instagram and on Facebook.  You can also read more about her and some tips and advice she shares in a post that I did on my blog – click here to go directly to my post about Ice Braids or you can start at the beginning of my 12 AMAZINg Braiders of Instagram – Mommy Braiders – post by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!

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