Princess Tiara Braid

Princess Tiara Braid tutorial by Hair by Lori - this would be great for Halloween!

We are having so much fun trying out different hairstyles that would work great for Halloween!  Today’s tutorial is for this princess tiara hairstyle, and while we are posting this as a Halloween style – my girls and I are all of the opinion that princess hairstyles can be worn all year round! 

This style is inspired by an Instagrammer (that’s totally a word, right?! 😉 ) named Kathy who you can find on IG @kattbie.  She posted the photo below, and I thought it was such a brilliant idea, I knew we had to do a tutorial on it!

Princess Tiara braid - love princess hairstyles!

Our princess tiara braid didn’t come out exactly like the inspiration photo – but I think that’s the fun part!  You can decorate your crown or tiara with whatever you have on hand and make it as unique as your own little princess is. 

Let’s get started on how to do the princess tiara braid!

Supplies you’ll need:  hairbrush, comb, a lot of elastics (we chose clear but you could use colors), clip for temporarily securing hair out of the way, a couple of bobby pins, and fun accessories:  hair jewels, stick on gems or earrings, necklaces, anything you could weave into the braid or lay across the style to put your own twist to it and add a little bling!

Time: 15 minutes

Skill Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

Step 1.  Begin by brushing the hair out.  Take your comb to make a part going along from one ear up and over the top of her head to the other ear (like how a headband would sit).  Keep the hair from the ears forward out and secure the rest of the hair out of the way with an elastic.

Step 2.  Use your comb to part a couple of inches above the right ear straight back from the face to the first part line you made going across the head.  Secure that section with an elastic so that the elastic sits along the part line at the top of her head.

Step 3.  Use your comb to section off another section of hair, about the same size as your first section and directly above that first section, and secure that section with an elastic (again along the top part line you made in step 1)

Step 4.  Use your comb to section off another section of hair from just above the second section you just created, but wait to secure it with an elastic until Step 6. 

Step 5.  Take the hair from the 1st ponytail and split it into 3 equal parts.

Step 6.  Take the hair from the 2nd ponytail and split it into 2 equal parts.

Step 7.  Take the 2 pieces from the 2nd ponytail and pull them up and around the middle strand from the 1st ponytail, then rejoin those two pieces — this means that from the 3 strands you created from the 1st ponytail, one is going around on either side of the 2nd ponytail and one is going through the 2 pieces of the 2nd ponytail.  Rejoining the hair from the 1st ponytail, take that hair and secure it in a new elastic with the hair that you sectioned off in Step 4. 

Step 8.  Go back and gently pull the edges of the hair that you have just split and joined into the new ponytail to give it a nice, full effect.  Make sure you do this every stitch as you go along, it’s easier to do as you go rather than trying to do it after you are all done with the style. 



Step 9.  Repeat Steps 4-8 with each new section going across the head until you have used up all the hair that you left out (ears forward) at the beginning.   When you have run out of hair to section and add in, do one more stitch of the braid and then wrap the hair from the top ponytail around the hair from the bottom ponytail and secure it all in one elastic.

Step 10.  Let down the hair at the back of her head, secure the elastic from step 9 under the hair with a bobby pin. 

Step 11.  Using the end of your rat tail comb or your fingers, go back through the braid and pull the center section of the braid to give you the full tiara effect.  You can add a little hair wax or gel if you’d like for a more polished look.

Step 12.  Accessorize!  Add twist in hair jewels, stick on gems, etc. to add to the tiara look. 

Step 13 – Optional – Finish with curls or do the rest of the hair into a cute low updo. 

You’re done! 

This is a fun style to wear with any princess dress, Disney or otherwise! 

Princess tiara braid tutorial - great for Halloween or anytime!

This style is one that seems complicated in reading it, but is easier to understand once you’ve seen it done – so hopefully watching the video helped more than reading through the instructions here!

I hope you’ll give this princess hairstyle a try!  I’d love to see how it turns out for you if do it and want to share.  You can share it on my Facebook page, tag me in your photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori or use hashtag#HBLPrincessTiaraBraid so I can find it – plus then it might appear at the bottom of this page!

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you’ll come back soon!

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