Rainbow Hairstyle – Easter, Crazy Hair Day & More

Fun Rainbow Hairstyle that is perfect for Easter, Crazy Hair Day, and so much more.

I love it when people ask me for help with hairstyles.  I love helping people, I love hair, and so taking requests always blesses me.  When I get a request or a question, I always look and see if I can find a tutorial online that has already been done.  For most styles there are great tutorials already out there.  So when one of my readers, Tina, sent me this photo below and asked me how to do it, I searched high and low online — and couldn’t find a single tutorial!

rainbow hair

I was determined to keep my word and to figure out a way to make this style work!  I enlisted my darling husband’s help.  We knew we needed something that was sturdy while being pliable and lightweight.  We brainstormed and tried a few things around the house and decided we didn’t have what we needed here.  He took a trip to the hardware store to pick up some supplies for me to choose from.

rainbow hairstyle supplies 3

We ended up going with a 12 inch faucet connector for the main piece.  Next I took 1 3/4 inch small alligator hair clips, put a piece of wax paper in between the clip (so that the clip wouldn’t get glued together and not open) and used my hot glue gun to attach the clips to the end of the faucet connector.  Once it had cooled, I just tore off the extra wax paper and it was ready to go.

Now that the rainbow base was complete, it was on to the clouds.

cloud supplies

I cut 2 pieces of ribbon, 14 inches each, for the main part.  Then I cut 7 pieces of ribbon about 4 inches of length to tie onto my long piece (so you need 14 smaller pieces total, 7 for each long ribbon).  I tied those onto the long ribbon then used my hot glue gun to glue cotton balls onto the smaller ribbons.  It makes a giant, fluffy cloud!  If it’s too fluffy for you, you can adjust it when you are doing the style by either pulling cotton balls off or sliding some of the smaller pieces of ribbon off of the long piece.

rainbow ribbon for rainbow hairstyle

Now that our rainbow base and clouds are ready to go, let’s talk about making the rainbow.  I used a piece of pastel rainbow ribbon that was just over 4 feet long and was 1 3/4 inches thick.  You could use different colored ribbon, pastels or hair chalk, or spray hair paint too.  I just found the ribbon to work the easiest for me, but it depends what you have on hand and your personal preference.

If we have everything we need, let’s get started!

Step 1.  Put the hair into two high pigtails.

Step 2.  Slide a couple of clear elastics onto the rainbow base to use later.

Step 3.  Attach the rainbow base, put the clips so that they are going in opposite directions, parallel to each other.

Step 4.  Wet the hair in one ponytail so that it is damp and add hair gel.

Step 5.  Split that hair into two and wrap it up and around the rainbow base in alternating directions to help secure it in place.  Once you get to the ends of the hair, slide one of the clear elastics that you added in step 2 over the ends to help hold.

Step 6.  Pull the hair at the base of that side down and over the clip holding the rainbow base in place.  Use bobby pins to pin that hair down over the base and help hold it in place.  Criss-cross your bobby pins when you can for extra stability.

Step 7.  Repeat steps 3-5 on the other side.

Step 8.  Use hairspray or gel as necessary to smooth down any hairs that are sticking out.

Step 9.  Tie one end of your piece of ribbon around the base of one side of the rainbow.  Wrap it up and around, then tie around the opposite base.

Step 10.  Tie your clouds onto the base of each side.  Secure with a bobby pin or two for extra hold if you’d like.

You’re done!

Fun Rainbow Hairstyle that is perfect for Easter, Crazy Hair Day, and so much more.

The reader who requested this rainbow hairstyle wanted to do it for crazy hair day at school.  It certainly is a crazy hairstyle!  I think it could work great for St. Patrick’s day too.

While I was doing it, my husband kept telling me that it just screams Easter to him.  The handle on an Easter basket?  Just because there are an abundant amount of rainbow decorations at Easter?  I think both!  He’s sure that there is some fun family out there that would love to don this hairstyle to an Easter egg hunt or a festive family gathering.  Do you think he’s right?

If you try this fun rainbow hairstyle, I would LOVE to see!  If we can get enough recreations, I’ll do a fun post showcasing them all.  So please, share your photos on my Facebook wall, tag me in your pictures on Instagram – @hair_by_lori or use hashtag #HBLRainbowHair so that I can see!

Thanks for reading!

Crazy Hair Day - Homeschool Style

Crazy hair day at our school!  Blessed to be able to homeschool 🙂

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