Rope Braid Accented Pigtails

Robe Braid Accented Pigtails

For my girls, hairstyles that stay in place all day is the key. After running, jumping, playing outside, rolling around, and everything else they get themselves into, if their hairstyle isn’t secure it won’t stay in place at all. This style, Pigtails accented with a Rope Braid, stays in all day. It is secured with rubber bands in a few spots along the braid as well as the pigtails.

This hairstyle is perfect for playing outside, a day at school, or even hanging out at home. It will be beautiful with long or short hair, the only difference will be the length of the pigtails themselves.

How to Do Rope Braid Accented Pigtails

Tools you will need: hairbrush, a couple of clips or ponytail elastic to temporarily hold hair out of the way, little elastics in color(s) of your choice, rattail comb, cute clip or hair accessories.

Time to complete: 5 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy

Step 1. Begin by creating a deep angled part. Part and secure the hair in the front into three sections, offsetting where you put the elastic so one is close to the face, the next close to the part, the next close to the face.

Helpful tip:  I love my using rattail comb here for nice, clean part lines.

Step 2. Now pick up the hair from the front pony and do a rope braid, twisting both strands to the right and crossing them over one another to the left.

Step 3. Secure that to the next pony with an elastic, then braid that hair into a rope braid and secure it to the third pony with another elastic.

Step 4. Part the hair evenly down the back and secure the hair to the right with an elastic.

Step 5. Pick up the hair from your last top ponytail and braid that into a rope braid. Secure with an elastic. Join that together with the remaining hair to create your other pigtail. You’re done!


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Rope Braid Accented Pigtails. Easy to do, fun hairstyle for girls.

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