Rope Twist Headband Updo


I love updo’s on my girls!  Most of the time, we keep it pretty casual.  I don’t braid their hair every day.  Hope especially likes to just wear it down.  And she’s getting to the point where she wants to do it herself – which is fun and a little sad at the same time!  It means she’s growing up, a bittersweet thing as she is my oldest.  I don’t often have a chance to do an updo, but I LOVE it when I do!

They look like pretty little princesses…. and not in a bad, they are too pampered to do anything, kind of way.  But they just look so darn pretty with their hair all done up and looking like a little lady!  I always want to just sit and look at them, because moments like this are fleeting.  Anyway… I suppose the point of this is that I hope all you mamas out there take the time to just admire and enjoy your own little darling!

This Rope Twist Headband Updo is great for times when you want them to look a bit more proper and lady like… special occasions or just church on Sunday perhaps.  This will not hold up great if they are rolling around on the ground (as I found out a bit after this photo was taken!) or for sports… unless you are a genie with bobby pins, it won’t stay.  So as I said, his is more of a special occasion style – or one that would be great on an older girl or even you moms!

Supplies you’ll need:  hairbrush, a couple of clear elastics, headband (headwrap kind – adjustable if available – I used this one from my Lilla Rose store. ) and a few bobby pins.

Step 1.  Brush hair out and part to the side.

Step 2.  Use your fingers to part a circle around the head where the headband will sit, about two inches back at the top of the head and going closer to the hairline the rest of the way around, about an inch back from the hairline.  Secure the portion of hair in the center of that part out of the way with an elastic or clip.

Step 3.  Position your headband on the head so that it sits in that part that you created.

Step 4.  Let down the hair in the center portion that you had clipped out of the way.  Brush or smooth that hair as needed.

Step 5.  Starting at the part by the face, take a small section of hair and do a lace rope twist braid down to the ear, adding in hair only from in front of the headband (by the face).  Once you have braided to this point, you are going to continue braiding but the hair that you add will be hair that hangs above the headband as well as hair that is below the headband.  This sandwiches the headband in and holds it in place.  Continue this braid until you reach the middle of the back of the head, then stop adding in new hair and just finish the rope braid all the way down to the end of the braid and secure with an elastic.

Step 6.  Repeat Step 5 except along the other side of the head.

Step 7.  Pull the left rope braid through the right rope braid by the point where you stopped adding in hair to the right rope braid.

Step 8.  Pull the braid from the left across the hair toward the right ear and the braid from the right across the head toward the left ear.  If the hair is shorter, you can tuck the ends down into the headband here.  If the hair is longer you will need to pull the braids through a loop in your original braid and then back across the style before you can tuck the end down into the elastic.  This step will vary from one head of hair to the next depending on the length of hair you are working with… the point is arranging the hair in a way that it lays nicely and you are able to hide the elastics on the braids.

**Some of this is a little hard to write out, but it really is easy when you see it done, so I hope you watch the video above!

Step 9.  Finishing touches:  bobby pin to secure or pin to have the hair lay like you’d like it to in certain spots.  Hair spray if you’d like.  You’re done!


Hope it turns out great for you at home if you try it!  I’d love to see it if you try it and want to share – you can post to my Facebook wall or tag me @hair_by_lori on Instagram or #hairbylori.

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Thanks for reading!

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