7 Hairstyles That Will Last Through The School Day

7 Hairstyles That Will Last Through The School Day

School mornings can be stressful.  There’s so much to do to get ready for the day and when it involves children it can be even more taxing.  With one of these 7 school day hairstyles, though, at least you know that your daughter will have a great hair day!  These styles keep hair contained and stay well throughout the day.  Most are super simple to do and don’t require an excessive amount of time, yet they are pretty and fun.

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Four Strand Bubble Braid


This 4 Strand Bubble Braid is fun and super easy to do. It is a quick do, keeps your daughter’s hair out of their face, and stays all day long. Plus, it’s adorable!

Micro Braid Striped Bun



This adorable braided bun from Babes In Hairland was created by a 13 year old but you would never guess. The stripe across the bun adds dimension and pizzazz. The braids help keep hair in place, even through a busy school day.

Classic Side Dutch Braid


This Classic Side Dutch Braid from Princess Hairstyles is perfect for a school day. It’s easy to do even on those rushed mornings where time seems to get away from you.  Because it’s more full and soft looking, older girls will love this one too.

Criss-Crossed Loop Braid

img_1192This Criss-Crossed Loop Braid is perfect for any age and almost every hair length. The base of this style is a french braid with a little extra. While it may seem difficult at first, it is one worth sticking with.

Easier Than It Looks School Hairstyle


Even though this hairstyle from Cute Girls Hairstyles looks complicated to recreate, she swears it’s not! With all the different braids it is a must do for keeping hair in place all day.

Mermaid Braid



This is a beautiful, trendy braid from Missy Sue. She says to think of it as an upgraded french braid. It is classy, fun, and as the name sounds, it’s playful too. It should help keep your daughter’s hair out of her face for a school day. Plus, think how adorable this would be for school pictures?

Woven Elastic Headband With Flat Iron Curls


This Woven Elastic Headband With Flat Iron Curls  is a fantastic hairstyle for picture day! Although it may take a little longer than other styles, because of the elastics, it stays all day and even a few days at a time. You could easily do the elastic part of the hairstyle the night before and do the curls in the morning.

Start the school day off right with one of these hairstyles that are easy to do, pretty & fun to wear, and last all day long. What do you think of these hairstyles?  I’d love to hear, leave a comment below! Or try it out and then share a photo, I’d love to see.  You can post it on my Facebook page, tag me in a tweet on Twitter or tag me in your photo on Instagram.

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